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Kbarker's Dtg Integration

28 March 2008 - 10:07 PM

O.K., I was just looking at KBarker's spidey DTG integration. I know that LBBs are cheap and that I can get them and the Spidey DTG at Walmart, but I had a BBB lying around ready to be modded and posted. But I thought about having more than a single shot (not good in wars). Also my NF broke, so I have no sidearms. So if I got the spidey DTG set, is it possible to integrate it to the BBB like KBarker did with his LBB? Please help me out, I'm trying to move up in the ranks from newb to a guy who knows what he's doing.

Perfect Nf Stefans

02 March 2008 - 03:07 PM

ok, ive been reading forums for a while now and i just got an idea. i decided to give something back to the community. i have a normal mod nf (air restrictor removal and petg barrel), but i don't have accurate darts. i haven't had time to go and get fbr to make stefans so i decided to imprive. i have a lot of stock darts laying around and i did something with them. follow this procedure.

1) get your dart

2) use scissors to cut the dart about 1.5 in - 2in. from the bottom

3) after cutting, the suction cup side should be small

4) take out the suction cup and add wieght. (either 2 bbs or 1 3/0 fish weight)

5) now glue the weights in with a hot glue gun on both sides, top and bottom [b] Make sure you leave some room at the bottom when glueing

6) if you want more repeat 1-5

sorry no pics yet. will have them soon!