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ZS Doublestrike - Fix for Smart AR leak when priming

23 February 2015 - 06:27 PM

So, this is my first Mod post, so bear with me.

I noticed when I bought this blaster that when I primed the hammer, the top barrel would leak air pushing the dart out. During a Nerf war, this would be quite bad. So, here's my solution.

Now, what I found was that the problem only occurred when I "Over-primed" the hammer. Bringing the hammer back this far caused the plunger to bump forward, pushing air where there is no room for air, so the smart AR gives way, and air leaks out.
Posted Image

Here's me discovering exactly how for the blaster must be primed in order to secure the trigger

I needed something to stop me from over-priming. Because when darts start flying, I'm NOT going to be thinking about how far back to pull the hammer, I'm looking for a quick shot. My solution is a little barbaric, but it works like a charm.
Posted Image

Sorry for the lack of pictures, but you get the idea:

1. you need drill, a drill bit, a nail slightly thinner than the drill bit, and a hammer.

2. hammer down the pointy end of the nail, for safety!

3. drill 2 holes near the back of the blaster. one on each side. The ideal location is where the hammer seemed to be at it's best position for priming without over-priming. This is a little touchy, and not an exact science, which is why you see that my nail is bent. I recommend drilling a little further up the blaster so you have room to adjust back by bending the nail.

Here you can see the end of the nail with glue. the nail goes all the way through to the other side.
Posted Image

4. Insert the nail through the holes and try to prime the hammer with 2 darts loaded. You may find that your hammer cannot go far back enough to prime. THAT'S OK! just take the nail out, bent it a little, and re-inserted it through the holes. repeat this process until you're able to prime the hammer without OVER-priming and letting air escape.

5. Once you're sure you've found the perfect nail-bending position, glue it so It doesn't fall out. Let the glue dry in the primed position. so it glues at the right angle.

Now you should be able to prime your Doublestrike without fear of over priming. I fired mine about 20 times after the glue dried and I haven't over-primed once. My darts stay in place, and now I have a fancy new, HvZ ready side arm.

I apologize again for the lack of pictures. This was mainly an experiment gone right, so if you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer. Thanks!

So, after extensive use, I have good news and bad new,

the GOOD news: I never once even came close to scratching my thumb on the nail. I don't even come close to it. I hammered down the point so much that I'm pretty sure drawing blood is impossible.
the BAD news: I need to re-adjust the nail. sometimes my trigger gets stuck while priming. lame. but fixable.

Nerf Night - Austin, TX

10 June 2014 - 11:20 AM


This is a great War for noobs (like myself) who buy stock blasters and just want to run around a shoot people. Or intermediates who want to show off their latest project and battle-test their modded blasters. I host it in the children's building of my Church, It's a HUGE 2 story building with 3 stairways and an elevator. GREAT for tactical warfare. Here's the location:
15201 Burnet Rd
Austin, TX 78728
Google Maps

The Guidelines are geared towards noobs:

- Nerf darts ONLY. No stefans.
- Modded guns are welcome, but nothing dangerous.
- If you don't own a Nerf gun, come anyway! we have lots of extras.
- Nerf swards are welcome!
- Bring eye protection.
- Be prepared to lose darts. it happens, get over it.

- Bring $5 if you want pizza.
- This is a free event, and we're generous, so don't feel left out if you're broke.

MY last Nerf Night saw 16 people. all of them my friends. Come and have some fun!

Game modes:
- Zombie survival
- Team elimination
- Capture the flag
- Hunger games
- 1 vs. all
- pitch black zombie attack
- and MORE!