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Indianerfolis 2016

01 May 2016 - 05:17 PM

Date: Saturday, 23 July, 2016
Time: 12:00 Noon to 6:00 P.M.
(Try to arrive around noon or earlier to find good parking and set up your stuff).

Facebook event.
Google Plus Event

F.A.N.G. Event
Southeastway Park (Shelter Number 1 and the field behind it).
5624 South Carroll Road
New Palestine, Indiana, 46163
Click here to find the location on Google Maps.
Detail of war location below.
Who Can Attend: Anyone and everyone who meets the below rules and regulations is more than welcome to come. Please share this war with anyone and everyone you think would have interest in attending.
Official Rules:
What to Bring: Bring a lunch, snack, eye protection, blasters, darts, and anything else you feel you may need.
Protection: You must bring and wear eye protection at all times. Safety glasses (with side shields) or goggles are perfectly fine, but full masks (such as paintball or Nerf Rival masks) are recommended. You can purchase a Nerf Rival mask at Wal-Mart or Meijer for $13 if you do not already have one.
Blasters: You must have at least one Nerf or similar blaster with an orange barrel and a non-realistic paint job (cover in orange duct tape if necessary). We allow stock, super-stock, and homemade blasters, provided they do not exceed 200 FPS and all perform on a super stock level or lower (measure beforehand if you can). Homemade blasters will be inspected beforehand to ensure safety. Water blasters (modded or not) of any kind are not allowed, and anything that consistently damages darts will be suspended from play. Also, anything with a percieved unfair advantage may be suspended from play.
Darts: You should definitely bring your own darts, but well have a few extras. All Nerf/Buzzbee/BoomCo. brand darts, FVJs, Kooshes, USCs, FVNs, and basic stefans are allowed. Nothing with points or sharp edges is allowed, and all darts must be used in super-stock or equivalent blasters. Count your darts beforehand, and put your name on all of your stuff! Dart sweep is mandatory
Melee: All unmodified Nerf brand melee weapons are allowed as long as safety can be ensured. Other swords will be permitted upon inspection, and they must be at least as safe as Nerf brand melee weaponry. Any homemade swords or boffers must be no longer than 42in (3.5ft) and no wider than 2.5in on any solid area of the blade itself. Nerf objects that are meant to be thrown (socks, stunners, and so on) must also be completely soft and unable to knock safety gear off. Thrown melee must also be inspected for safety. Thrown melee counts as one hit, and can be blocked by shields. Absolutely no sharp edges or barrel taps!
Shields: Shields must be no larger than the Stonewall Shield, with the exception of the LARP-style Hyrulian shield (roughly the size of the Nerf Stonewall Shield). Shields can only be used with either melee or spring-powered single shot blasters. The Hyrulian shield can only be used with melee. Shields can also be used as melee, but must be tapped and not hit hard. Shields will block enemy projectiles, but will not block missiles, or thrown grenade-like objects.
Hits: If you are hit with a dart that (no ricochets) the hit must be taken and counted in accordance with the type of game being played. If arguing results both parties will have to take a hit. Hits are counted as being struck by a dart, other foam/soft projectile, or with a melee weapon. During melee rounds the hit is valid if it makes contact during a stroke. Hits to the chest count as one life lost. Hits to other areas of the body count as half a life lost.
Conduct: Do not use foam weapons on anyone else between rounds unless the action is mutually agreed upon. No blasting darts at the public. Please use terms such as blaster (not gun), darts (not bullets), and blast (not shoot). This would be of particular importance if law enforcement were to show up for any reason, and it this terminology is necessary to avoid public confusion.
Attendee requirements: Attendees under the age of 16 years old must have a parent or guardian with or near them at all times. All attendees are responsible for bringing the things they feel they will need to the event (money, cell phone, first aid, and so on). If you have a serious activity-affected health disorder, it is up to you to decide if you are able to participate. Bring water and a snack for yourself. Youll need it!
Other Rules: We/Nerfrocketeer accept(s) no responsibility for problems caused by any attendees failure to follow these rules. In short, don't be a jerk or irresponsible person.
ALSO: If there is any reason to stop gameplay in the middle of a round, shout HOLD! and alert Nerfrocketeer (Mitch) who will be wearing an orange bandanna.
-Team Deathmatch
-Pistol Round
-Base vs Base War
-Military Simulation
-HvZ if there are enough people.
-Anything else attendees vote for.
Lets make this war a BIG step up from last year! Invite whoever you can, and I look forward to seeing you in Indianerfolis this summer! The shelter rental cost $130 so I hope for a huge turnout to make it worthwhile!
UPDATE: Shelter is officially rented for the war! Everything is set!

Indianerfolis 2015

03 May 2015 - 05:58 PM

Posted Image

Date: Saturday, June 27th, 2015

Time: 1:00 PM to around 4:00 PM.

Location: Southeastway Regional Park, 5624 S Caroll Road. Park Info | Park Location

Posted Image

What: This will be a general combat, capture-the-flag style war with two teams that will take place across a medium-sized field. We will play other games later in the day if everyone wishes.

Who's Invited: Anyone older than 14 years old who has a Nerf blaster that complies with the below rules and regulations is welcome to come.

What You Should Bring:
  • Nerf weapons, ammo, and equipment (complying with rules).
  • Light/Tactical Clothing
  • Lunch
  • Anything you may need in an emergency. This may include special medication, money, a cell phone, and so on.
  • Eye protection, closed-toed shoes, and a ride are mandatory.
  • Friends!
  • These rules are custom:
  • Modified Titans, Big Blasts, Big Bad Bows, and other over-powered blasters that have the ability to cause serious injury are not allowed. Homemades and modded guns are welcome, as long as they follow these rules.
  • Modified Nerf Ammo with sharp edges, points, or explosives, besides straight foam and hot glue stefans and slugs with washers, are absolutely not allowed.
  • Blasters that look too realistic are not allowed.
  • No mind-altering substances of any kind.
  • Eye protection, closed-toed shoes, and a ride are mandatory.
  • No homemade swords or shields.
  • Five tags with a dart is out for the current round. Hit in the arms, blaster, or face doesn't count. Nerfrock' is a referee.
  • Nerfrocketeer reserves the right to eject anyone from the war.
  • No bad attitudes, vandalism, or other illegal/ socially unacceptable behavior.
  • You can bring your dog, as long as it's friendly to strangers.
  • No real weapons.
  • You can trade/sell if you wish, but all responsibility for trading falls to you and the person you are trading or selling with.

Nerf Supertak Centurion

28 March 2015 - 03:47 PM

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The Nerf Mega Centurion, also known as the MA3700, is a new long-range Nerf blaster that was released in Fall 2013. With looks similar to a Barret M82A3 or Barret M83 rifle, this blaster has a great intimidation factor in a Nerf war. But aside from looks, this toy's looks leave a lot to be desired. The red color on the shell of the blaster makes it extremely visible to other players-which is not always the best thing, and it is large and unwieldy in battle.

All of these problems render the blaster nearly useless in a Nerf war.

Here following is a list of instructions on how to SuperTak modify your Nerf Centurion into a high class covert Nerf rifle.

This guide covers:

-Camouflage and aesthetic mods
-Scope attachment
-Glow in the dark components
-Comfort grip

Step One: Materials

Posted Image

To Supertak mod your Centurion you will need the following items and supplies. Please note that many of these things are optional, and that you may choose what you want to add to your blaster.

You will need:

-A Nerf Mega Centurion
-Nerf Mega Darts
-Nerf Tactical Rail Attachment Mount
-Riflescope (real or airsoft)
-Carry Strap
-Camouflage supplies, such as artificial leaves, natural raffia, and twigs.
-Camouflage duct tape
-Black duct tape
-Scotch tape
-Electrical Tape
-Black Sugru
-Glow in the dark spray paint (Which can be obtained at crafts stores or on Amazon under the product name "Krylon Glowz"- we have no affiliation with these companies)
-Q-Tips (2-5 recommended)
-Hot glue
-Hot glue gun
-Screwdrivers for working with hot glue and dismantling the tactical rail mount.
-Hobby knife or switchblade for working with glue and tape.

Step Two: Base Camo

Posted Image

Posted Image

Adding camouflage duct tape to the blaster will ensure that everything done afterwards is completely removable, as well as enhancing the overall hiddenness of the blaster.

To add camouflage to the Centurion, first apply a layer of camo duct tape all around the shell of the blaster. This requires care and tact, since you do not want to cover parts such as the magazine release, magazine well, handle, trigger, sling points, tactical rails, end of the barrel, sights, bolts and bolt tracks, or stock and stock Nerf shields.

For best results, cut small pieces of tape as needed and apply them carefully to the place intended. The best place to start taping is along the bolt tracks and tactical rails.

Step 3: 3D Camo

Posted Image

Posted Image

3D camouflage enhances the secrecy of the blaster by making it become something like the environment around it.

To apply 3D camouflage, gather up all of your artificial leaves, raffia, and twigs and separate them into piles, respectively. For the first layer, hot glue all fake leaves onto the shell in various places, making sure not to inhibit the functions of the blaster components mentioned in the previous step. Next, hot glue strips of raffia and twigs where desired. Make sure everything is secure and stable.

Since you are gluing these things onto the camouflage tape, you are creating a completely removable yet doubly-effective camouflage cover for the Centurion.

Step Four: Scope Attachment

Posted Image

Adding a scope to the Centurion helps improve aim and adds an intimidation factor to the blaster's looks.

Using the screwdrivers, dismantle your tactical rail mount until you are left with the single plastic piece shown. Next, attach your scope to the mount using generous yet careful amounts of hot glue. You may or may not need to adjust the width of the jaws on the scope for a better fit.

When glueing on the scope, make sure it is facing in the correct direction, with the end where you put your eye opposite the small tooth on the front of the tactical rail attachment.

For an added camouflage appearance, hot glue two artificial leaves to the top of the tactical rail mount as shown.

Step Five: Sugru Handle

Posted Image

Posted Image

Adding Sugru to the handle of the Centurion will make the blaster much more comfortable and easier to hold for long periods of time.

Simply open the package of Sugru and mold it onto the handle both above and below the index finger grip points, keeping the separation clear for looks and comfort. Allow the Sugru to cure for 24 hours before picking up the blaster by the handle.

Step Six: Making Important Parts Glow

Posted Image

Posted Image

Making important parts of the blaster glow will increase functionality in low-light conditions.

Start by spraying a small amount of paint into the top of the can, and dipping a cue-tip into it (to use like a paintbrush). Next, apply paint to parts of the blaster such as:

-Front of barrel
-Front sight
-Rear sight
-Magazine release button
-Back bottom corner of magazine
-Back of flashlight

Allow the paint to dry for at least 12 hours before handling the blaster.

Step Seven: Complete

Posted Image

Congratulations! You have successfully SuperTak modified your Nerf Centurion! All aspects of the blaster's performance should be improved, and the Centurion should be much more useful in the event of a Nerf war.

Have fun testing and battling! I'm sure that you will use your Centurion a lot more after this, so what are you waiting for? Go out there and feel the improvement!

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