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Urban Nerf Assault

12 July 2013 - 02:23 AM

Indoor Nerf War: I have access to a pretty big indoor gym at a church with lots of tables and dozens of stacks of chairs to use, but bring any mobstacles you can for variety and to make it as urban as possible with tons of crap to hid behind. Running around on an open field...not my thing. This is going to be geared towards adults and older teens (at least 16+).

Date/Time: Friday July 19 at 6:30-7:00 PM - 10:30-11:00 PM (Can easily reschedule it needed). I prefer evenings to meet up as I have two small kids to hang out with. I will try and arrive by 6 PM to start setting up. If interested in how the map/arena/whatever looks, please come early to offer your insights and help get it going. I envision it could be pretty bad with a little preparation.

Where: Brooklyn Park, MN
4700 Edinbrook Terrace, Brooklyn Park, MN

Game Types:
- uh...nerf fight? TBA (First war, so I am definitely open to suggestions)

What to Bring:
- Iron will and a nerf gun...this is my first time hosting, let alone attending a nerf war, so I will have a modified stock nerf gun and a secondary (kind of old school, I know)...so as long as its not too much crazier than that...more details pending once I get some feedback.
- So a primary and a secondary
- Bring some mobstacles; however, there will be plenty of tables already there to use; however, for the sake of variety and to make it as crazy as we can...
- Eye protection
- Darts
- Don't worry about water, there is a drinking fountain

What Not to Bring:
- Little dudes under 16 (unless he is accompanied by an parental figure planning on playing)

- Don't bring any blaster that is too crazy.
- If you have any crazy darts; just let me know how I can make some beforehand

- Myself + 1
- Velveeta Avenger
- Venom213 + 3
- Eh_what + 2, maybe more

Total So Far: 10

4700 Edinbrook Terrace, Brooklyn Park, MN
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Possible Scenario (just tables and chairs; feel free to bring other obstacles)
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Nerf Wars in Minnesota

08 July 2013 - 12:42 AM

For all you Minnesota folk, let's get some regular nerf wars going! I have access to a large indoor gym at a church in Brooklyn Park that is well beyond the size of a full basketball court. It would be beneficial if participants could each bring at least one barricade or bunker (ig at least one large card board box or something!). The target age would be for adults fans of nerf and older teenagers (at least the ages of 16 or 17 and up). To make it worth it, we would probably want at least 10 for a first meet up. Thus far, I have two people.

I'm relatively new to the nerf scene, and so I was disappointed that I could not find more nerf wars out there in the area, so I thought that I would try and get some going myself. Please feel free to shoot me a PM and then we can figure some stuff out!