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Tampon Darts (yes it is true)

06 July 2013 - 03:27 AM

Hello Nerf folks,

I am a performance artist who has been commissioned to do a piece that requires me to shoot tampons out of a gun. Naturally, nerf guns came to mind. I have been on many forums (and variations of google searches) to find out if shooting tampons out of a nerf gun is possible and I haven't found any solid information on the matter. I have also looked through some of the homemade ammo pages out there, however, I don't necessarily want to make ammo, I would rather load the gun with tampons.

The tampons I plan to use are actually smaller in diameter than standard nerf darts, although shorter. Does the length of the ammo have an impact on the gun's ability to shoot? Are there certain guns that are better suited for alternative ammo, like a tampon? Is this plan crazy because it would require too many gun modifications that is impossible for a nerf newbie like me?

Any and all information/suggestions and thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks!