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Bolt Action BBB

06 May 2014 - 06:53 PM

Hello fellow Nerfers,
I have done this amazing mod New BBB Mod awhile ago. Not long after I decided to make this better. How you may ask well read the following and you will find out.(Follow as guided in the link provided)

The First Step
You will take your dremel/drill/thingy that cuts a slot tool and make a slot in this Plunger Rod for whatever length you need it is a lot of trial and error.
Posted Image

The Second Step
You will take what ever tool you used and widen and lengthen you slot as needed for you bolt slide.
Posted Image

The Third Step
Eliminate this Evil piece that takes away a 1/2 in of draw and all of this dead space.
Posted Image

Now you just put a coupler on the PT and put whatever barrel you want ,I use a Rscb.

Questions and comments and concerns that you may have.

Edit:Want to make Bolt Sled but don't know what would work well as the metal bar but the design works well.

A New Big Bad Bow Mod

31 December 2013 - 04:10 PM

Hello everyone out there on the forums. I have made a really awesome blaster recently and just had to share how to make it.

So what you will need is:
Big Bad Bow
Long Shot Plunger Assembly
Dremel with cutting bit and sanding drum
Strong catch spring
thick adhesive like hot glue e putty
Optional hack saw
everything that you like to use to increase the seal of the longshot plunger assembly
Anything I forgot will be in the rest of the write up

So Lets begin with the plunger head and plunger rod. You will need these for it the plunger head from the Longshot and the plunger rod from the BBB.
Posted Image

First you will need to cut the plunger rod here.
Posted Image
So it should look like this.
Posted Image

After you cut the tip like so you will have to cut the fins off as shown in this picture.(Make sure you only do the big side ones)
Posted Image

Now how you will need to attach the plunger head is very simple. You will put the plunger head onto the plunger rod and drill a small hole.(it should be longer than the screw you use but have a decent smaller thread than the screw)
Posted Image
Then screw the plunger head on for now so you don't lose it.(yes I know that the wings are still on in this picture)
Posted Image

Now onto the shell work.

First thing you will need to do is sand down these ridges using your sanding drum until the Longshot PT fits into the shell evenly.
Posted Image

Now when you finish sanding the shell you can Glue the PT into place. I had put the PT into the shell pushed it all the way forward then glued the front first on just one side. I would highly suggest glueing it in on the none screw side.
Posted Image

Now you will need to cut the back shell where the picture shows. It is right below the bumps on the front.
Posted Image

Then glue in the the half of the shell that is on the side that you put you plunger tube in. It should line up right behind the plunger tube.(Mine is touching the back yours should to)
Posted Image

We are almost done now all we have to do is make the part that will prime the blaster.
You will need to take the Longshot bolt piece and hot glue in a 6 inch piece of 1/2 in cpvc as if you were singling a longshot. Wrap a decent amount of Etape around the base so it is almost a friction fit in the PT part.
Posted Image

Now put some springs onto the plunger rod and I had to create a spring rest but you may not need to if you have the one from your longshot that screws onto the PT. You will have to widen the hole a little bit thought.
How I made my spring rest. I used a bottle cap and screws through the shell to keep it in place.
Posted Image
Posted Image
Increase your catch spring.
Now put it back together and you are done.

Optional steps
make an rscb for it
hopper it
chopper it
integrate something to it

I added a RSCB
Posted Image

Thank you for looking. Please comment any thoughts suggestions ect. I am looking for a name to call it please comment any suggestions.

Nerf Iron Man 3 Iron Flyer Mod

26 December 2013 - 06:13 PM

Hello everyone, I just recently acquired the Nerf Iron Flyer. It was pretty fun to shoot the man that came with it but it did not get any range. So I took it and modded it.
So here is how I did it.

What you will need:
Dremel(with a cutting blade and sanding drum)
2.5-3 inches of cpvc
a spring that will fir into the blaster
thick adhesive(hot glue epoxy putty ect.)
sealent adhesive
and the most obviously a screw driver for the screws and the blaster

So here is the blaster
Posted Image
Posted Image

So first you will need to take the plunger out of the blaster by taking out the four screws in the bottom. Unscrew the plunger head and put the spring on. You have a choice of replacing or adding a spring. I chose to add a spring that was a pump return spring from an air soft gun I think.
Posted Image

After that we are now going to give it a nice barrel of CPVC. First thing you will need to do is cut here on the blaster. Be careful when you cut because of the AR spring is in there.
Posted Image

After cutting there clean it up to your specifications.
Posted Image

After you clean it up you will get your piece of CPVC and apply excessive amount of the thick adhesive and stick the CPVC into the space you made. Make sure you get it as straight as you can you may want to rap it in Electrical Tape so it fits snuggly and you can get it straighter easier. I did not do that.
Posted Image

When you finished that and you adhesive has dried set or whatever put a sealant over it to ensure a good seal. Then put it all back together. And you are finished.
Posted Image

Ranges vary between 50-65 ft. with stock darts of all types.

Questions and concerns or advice please comment

Thank You for looking.

Homemade zing atl atl

28 June 2013 - 04:34 PM

]This is going to tell you how to make a homemade zing atl atl.

The finished product will look similar to this.
Posted Image

What you will need
pipe(half inch-1inch)
bungee cord
duct tape
Posted Image

First you will drill a hole large enough for your bungee hook to fit into.
Posted Image

Second you will put the hook into the hole from the top and not through the pipe.
Posted Image

Third you will duct tape the hook so it stays into place.
Posted Image

This is how the zing arrow hooks onto the bungee.
Posted Image
Make sue you have it on well.

Here is the firing test.
Posted Image