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#342001 N.E.N.O. 10 IT'S HERE!!!!

Posted by kbk652 on 17 September 2014 - 11:11 AM

Alright guys its here NENO 10 a Sunday war.

Where is this awesome war?

75 Cliff St,
New Haven, CT

When is it: October 19th

Start time: 10 am get there for 9:30 if you can

What to bring

Primaries 2-3 is good, I have some loaners and you never know whatís going to happen
Darts lots of darts but 100 to 200 is good. We will dart sweep.
Pistols, we might do a pistol round, depending on everyone.
Bring some money we have been ordering pizza and we might do it again, plus you never know what magical blasters will be there.
Bring water, it is New England weather we will be doing a lot of rounds and donít want you going down.

What not to bring

Do no bring a shitty attitude were all here to have fun, and we always do so donít be that guy.
Do not bring any darts besides # 6 or #8 slugs or stock darts
Blaster restrictions will be done at the war I am very lax about them but I do have the right to ask you to put something down if itís too much.

Bring something cool for a raffle

Any questions feel free to ask
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