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Nerf Firefly Singling Help

08 February 2013 - 12:06 PM

Ok, I recently purchased a Nerf Firefly and decided to single it. I had seen a write up on the subject, so I attempted it. I simply used gorilla glue and duct tape to attach a section of PVC pipe directly to the plunger tube. However, after it was finished, I dry-fired a few times and tried firing darts. When I dry-fired though, it did not sound or feel as though air was being pushed out, and when I fired darts, they simply did not come out. Can any of you experienced modders tell me what could have happened? Many thanks in advance, and my apologies for any mistakes I may have made. I am only posting this because I could not find this information through Google or the Nerfhaven forum search. Again, thank you for any help.