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Balance your flywheels!

08 February 2013 - 06:39 PM

I don't have time to do a full write-up right now but I wanted to post a link for you guys to browse ahead of time. I'd love it if one of you guys tried this before I got around to it and saved me the work of having to figure it out. This is a link to a thread over on RCGroups forum about how to balance electric ducted fans using a smart phone. It is directly applicable to the flywheel nerf blasters as well.


Now, a few years ago I bought a fairly expensive tool to balance my EDFs that uses a kind of strobe light and pressure sensors. I haven't gotten around to trying that out yet either.

What I can say for certain is that most of the volume increase you guys are experiencing when over-volting or upgrading motors is only indirectly a result of the higher rpm. It's directly a result of those flywheels being ever so slightly out of balance. It should sound smooth like a jet engine, not like a buzz-saw the way it does in Coop's latest videos. More then that though, I would expect a modest increase in performance both in terms of top dart speed and in post-shot flywheel rpm recovery time.

Please, someone do this and document it so I don't have to. Pretty please.

The BEST upgrade motor for the Stryfe (after extensive testing) is...

01 February 2013 - 12:15 PM

Just for my own entertainment I've probably spent $200 on trying different motors in the Stryfe. Some were so inadequate they weren't even worth installing for a trial. Some performed well but at four times the price of the Stryfe itself not including the cost of exotic LiPo batteries, relays, rewiring with heavy gage wire, modifying the battery compartment, etc. One unlikely pair of motors gave me 90ft PTG, 100fps+ muzzle velocity, operate wonderfully on both the original wiring and regular old rechargeable AA batteries, and cost a whopping $2.25ea. Given the performance per dollar and minute spent of these motors it's a fools errand to look any further. (Not that I judge anyone for going on fools errands. This entire project was one for me.)

Here's the link:


For the record I am not affiliated in any way with either the motor manufacturer or the linked vendor.

Install and be merry. Happy Nerfing folks!

EDIT TO ADD: By "original wiring" I was mainly speaking of the wire gage and the switches. I did remove the thermistors or whatever those things are called on the OE motors.