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Chainblazer Construction

14 February 2013 - 05:49 PM

Anybody opened up a chainblazer recently? I just bought one and found that the little upper spring:


Is not attached to the front part of the chamber:


And it doesn't look like there's an obvious place to attach it. Anybody know where this thing is supposed to go? In the Internals Directory, it looks like there might be a hole its supposed to go through, but it's hard to see and there's no hole in the one I got:


Arrowstorm Verification Assistance

06 January 2013 - 03:05 PM

Well, this is not what I intended my first post to be about, but I need some help sooner than later, so if any of you have a Nerf (not Air Zone) Arrowstorm I would appreciate your knowledge. I found somebody selling this item and couldn't pass it up, but since it is so unusual and I haven't seen one in 15 years I opened it to at least make sure I hadn't just bought a box of sawdust. Two things make me skeptical and two things make me confident...

Confident: 1) There don't seem to be scratches along the main slide, indicating the handle was never pulled back.
2) I started to notice fingerprints (that I was leaving) and realized that there weren't any prior ones.

Skeptical: 1) This is the main one - the fletches on the arrows are the speckled type and I thought the Arrowstorm came with the solid black.
2) There are long stress marks in the plastic in certain places, which I guess I wouldn't expect in a blaster that'd never been fired.

I could believe that the old nerf plastic is such that it might just move and stress itself over time, but I'm more concerned that it was used and the arrows are a replacement. Do any of you know for certain if arrowstorms ever came with the speckled arrows?