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Compilation of Shipping weight for nerf blasters.

13 April 2013 - 03:26 PM

Aright, here's what I'm trying to do. I've noticed that when you get a shipping quote, you need weight information. Now to those of us who don't have quick, easy access to a post office, due to where we live (like me), or a scale that registers objects as light as nerf blasters, this can be problematic.. So what I would like to start here is basically like the internals, or modifications directory of Nerf blasters.

I'll start with some basic blasters, and if this takes off, all the better, if not no big deal. I'm weighing these using a friends scale, and it may not be accurate, so if you have something different, feel free to add, or add blaster weights that I haven't added yet.
-N-strike Raider Cs-35. 530 grams.

-N-strike Maverick rev-6. 1.125 pounds

-N-strike Longshot cs-6, with magazine, front gun, and scope. 6 pounds.

-N-strike magstrike. 2 pounds 7 ounces

-N-Strike Nitefinder. 180 grams

-N-strike Recon cs-6, with magazine, barrel, stock, sight, and light. 2.12 pounds.

-Dart tag series swarmfire with stock. 1.61 pounds

-N-strike Elite Firestrike 170 grams

-N-strike elite Roughcut 2x4. 1.2 pounds

-N-strike elite Strongarm. 330 grams

-N-strike elite Retaliator with magazine, stock, barrel, and grip. 1.46 pounds

-Nerf Supermaxx 750 (new style) 200g

-Nerf Supermaxx 1500 (old style 420g

-Motorized Ballzooka MP150: 4 lb 15 oz

All measurements were without batteries, and darts. I will eventually convert everything to one unit, but that's a later project.

Also, please PM me with any weights you may have for blasters that aren't listed yet, as to avoid cluttering up the topic. Thanks.


30 March 2013 - 05:46 PM

Screw all you judgemental arrogant bastards. You don't know crap. You think your tough? Well so is Kirby.

Anyways, I'm doing a poll for school psychology class, and it's about hobbies people have, that society tends to look down on, or deem as nerdy.. Such as teenagers and adults playing with nerf blasters.
Another's example I was given was "bronies". Now I have no friggin clue what that is, but some that I thought of were again, nerf blasters in older children/adults, MMORPG's such as runescape and WoW, or role playing/cosplay type events. These are not my personal opinions, as I'm a fan of all 3. I need help coming up with a few more, and then I have to do a poll, which I would hope members of the forum would be willing to vote in. The minimum number of hobbies I need for the poll is 8. So if you could comment some hobbies you tend to associate with being lame, nerdy, or whatever derogatory words you wish, that would be great

And yes, this sounds really stupid, and I think it kind of is, but I hope that people take it somewhat fractionally serious..

Roughcut quick reload turret mod.

15 March 2013 - 08:12 PM

Okay folks I've been working on this for quite a while, and it's actually a lot easier then I thought.
This write up may seem dumbed down to many of you, but writing this as if someone with absouletly no clue about anything nerf would be able to understand, and follow.

Goal of this mod
-To increase reload times on the Roughcut.

Tools needed
-1 Roughcut, and a few extra Roughcut turrets. This is an ideal mod if you have stripped the gears on your roughcut, or broke it in some other way.
- 1 dremel or similar tool, with cutting wheels, sanding bits and, I personally used a conical grinding bit.
- Various bits of duct tape.
- Water and a device to boil it. (Not required in most cases, but makes some steps easier.)
- sharpie marker, not required but makes cutting more accurate.
- liquid wrench white lithium grease spray. (For the AR's)
- some type of lubricant. silicone grease, white lithium grease, etc. (for the plunger tube. Don't use the spray.)
- patience, and safety glasses if you want them.

I'll be using some borrowed photos for some things as my camera card stopped functioning...

Start with your blaster obviously and take out all the screws. They are all the same size on mine. Open it up and it should look like this. (Photo courtesy of nerfmodsandreviews)
Posted Image

Take out your internals. That's everything that orange or white.

Ignore the paint..my experimental method didn't work out.
Posted Image

Modifying the shells of the blaster

Now look at the front part where the darts go in. Use your dremel with the cutting wheel and trim off all these parts that are marked with the sharpie.
Posted Image

NOOOO! Not the N-strike logo, you moron! :D

Posted Image

Hers a comparison for what you will be doing to the shell. Left side is stock, right is modified. This is to allow the easy addition and removal of the turret.
Posted Image

Here is what we will be removing on the Roughcut shell itself. Simply copy the line I drew and cut it with the cutting wheel on the dremel.
Posted Image

Posted Image

This black line you will want to use either the grinding bit or sanding but, and simply grind the lip flush with rest of the shell. This will really aid in the addition and removal of the turret.
Posted Image

Now use the sanding bit to curve the front edge of the shell like this.
Posted Image

Posted Image

You are basically done with the shell now. Now there are some small things to do to improve the functionality of this blaster, and enhance this modification.

Here is a video to explain some things I couldn't quite explain with text or pictures. I uploaded it to photobucket, so the image quality is crap.

Increasing the air seal-

Disassemble your turret. Here is an exploded view. There are 4 screws holding it together, and the rest is friction fit, but I was unable to separate so I boiled some water and briefly dipped it in, then immediately pulled it apart with my pliers.
Posted Image

I Got this idea from coop. Put some duct tape over the air release holes in the barrel, and dab some hot glue onto these two holes in the front.
Posted Image

Posted Image

Now assemble the turret, and make sure your AR spring are in there, unless you want an 8 shot- shotgun.
Add some grease, or liquid wrench spray to this area. Tis will make the replacing, and removing of turrets much smoother, as it is such a good seal it tends to pull the plunger tubes a little. I went with the liquid wrench, as its lower viscosity.
Posted Image

Reassemble your blaster, and screw everything together. I loosened the front two screw which, in theory should make it easier to remove and replace the turret.

Here's the video on the function.

As always, comments and questions are welcome.

This thread is retarded

06 March 2013 - 09:51 PM

I'm sure that quite a few people would find more YouTube channels helpful—LordDraconical-

Except he simply copies things from coop and ice..nothing on his channel is original, except his vampire act.

I fully agree with the rest of your statement though.

I also have the not being able to type numbers problem.

Possibly throw in psyksSG channel. He puts out some great quality content. Also ACnerfshop.

How the HELL do I get this firefly open?

03 March 2013 - 05:00 PM

Its a regular first gen firefly, and it appears to be solvent welded or something in the rear of the stock. It's four post inside that are fastening it together.

EDIT: figured it out. I slammed a razor blade in from the outside and hit it with a hammer till it went through the peg.