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Nerf Tank

18 October 2012 - 05:40 PM

I have thought long and hard about what I'm posting, and I'm rather new to posting so bear with me.I am going to make a Nerf Tank one with a rotating turret, internal viewing system , a tractor motor , a remote control Vulcan on the to of the tank so the users can be inside the tank while the gun is firing and I'm going to try to make its top speed 10-15 MPH. Now I have been looking around this website for other people who may have tried to do this, and when I did find someone,I noticed alot of people were saying,if someone would build this and take it to a Nerf War it would be indestructible with Nerf Weapons, but I may have a solution for that. I think that if a Nerf Tank is ever going to be aloud at a Nerf War,it will have to have a certain number of hits before the tank is "destroyed" so I am going to cut some square holes along each side of the tank , and I'm going to replace the wood with thin pieces of stirofoam
I'm going to have 3 on each side,and when all of those stirofoam sheets are punctured the tank will be unusable.

Well thats it I will keep you updated when I start building the tank I look forward to what anyone has to say about this post.

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