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Nerfhaven hacked?

21 February 2014 - 11:12 PM

When you type "Nerfhaven" into Google, the first thing that pops up, is, of course, NH. But below the name of the website, and url, or whatever that bit of green text is, there's a warning that I've noticed for about a week now, that suggests that "this site may be hacked." It was a link, I hit it, and it directed me to this page in google's troubleshooting directory.
Admin's, are we good? I hope the warning popped up because of the recent influx in spam-bots, I just want to be sure.

Has anyone ever tried these?

25 December 2013 - 08:57 PM

On my quest for cheap stock darts, I found these on eBay; has anyone ever tried these types of darts before?
I'm thinking of getting a couple just to give 'em a shot, I'm just wondering if anyone has already.

Just getting some info about LBB's

02 December 2013 - 10:39 PM

I’m about to get my hands on an LBB, and have a couple of questions for anybody who has experience with these things.

First off, in a thread I made a while ago, I learned LBB’s have plastic firing pins. This was the major reason for me not purchase an LBB for the project I had going at the time; I have a new project now, I’m set on using an LBB, is the plastic firing pin a huge problem? What I’m asking is: have any of you ever broken an LBB’s firing pin? Has anyone ever had serious problems with it?

I know these things have design flaws; so far the two major ones seem to be the trigger, and the pin. Are there any other design failures I should be worried about?
Just wanna be sure I know what I'm in for.

Thanks a million.

Need a little info about LBB's

19 August 2013 - 08:02 PM

As the title says, I have a couple of questions regarding LBB's, I've never modded/owned one, and so I was wondering if anyone out their who's tinkered with 'em in the past, could give me a little help.

1) I've heard that LBB's have around the same power level, and tank size as 4b's, is this true? This would make 'em more powerful than UMB's...right? Just wanna be sure.
2) Do you need to plug the pump to make it shoot over a 100'?
3) Has anyone ever attempted hoppering an LBB?
4) How's the air release? Is it really fast?..or relatively slow compared to other air blasters?

Thanks in advance.

L.A.N.O. a socal nerf out

17 December 2012 - 09:38 PM

Also known as:
G: Guys
A: And
G: Gals
L: Let
U: Us
A: Assemble
T: To
H: Have
A: A
G: Good
T: Time
W: With
P: Plastic
P: Projectile
C: Combat
M: Machinery

Saturday January 5th from 10am to 3-4pm (depends when we get tired or the sun sets)

La Crescenta Valley Park La Crescenta Ca on the corner of Dunsmore and Honolulu St.

Rules and regs,
Same ol,
No titans, air tanks larger than umb tanks, larger super soakers, darkly colored weapons etc.
If you feel like it's going to be banned, don't bring it.
As usual the host reserves the right to remove weaponry from active combat of he or she feels like it's a danger to the mental and physical health of other participating members.

Darts(the important part)
Slugs, unmodified stock, AMIORS.
If you have other darts, feel free to pm me.

Please pack one.
If you want to buy one, and it takes you longer than the designated lunch-brake, we'll continue nerfing with or without you.

Other stuff:
Safety glasses are mandatory, if you want to keep both oculi inside of your skull.
Game types will range from carpe to deathmatch, to whatever seems good for the size of group.