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Looking for a wood like material

01 September 2014 - 03:00 PM

I've been looking around for a material similar to wood but plastic and can't seem to find anything. I'm looking for a cheap material that is ~1/2" thick and is less than $10 for a square foot. I know that wood is commonly bought in 1" thickness and plywood in 3/4, but I don't need it to be that thick. I find myself needing raw material like this constantly and I never have any available. Something like acrylic but around half the price. The reason to not use wood is aesthetics half of the time and the lack of precision/reliability it has. I don't have much money and that's the major problem. Also if I had the money to afford more expensive materials I would much rather spend it on other things. I won't be thinking about a job for a couple months so I'm pretty tight with spending. Any McMaster Carr part number, url, bundle, or anything like that I'd consider, so If there's an $80 bundle for some material that's the same price to volume ratio I'm looking for I'd certainly consider saving up. Even if there's something 2'^2(1/4") for $20 I'd certainly like to know.

Buying Foam

11 September 2013 - 03:28 PM

I have been using frost king foam backer rod to make my darts for the past two years. I only buy the dense, soft rolls and get them at home depot and true value. I know people spend around $80-$100 to buy 2500' online but I can't spend that kind of money. I was wondering if there was somewhere with tighter foam (like white or beige) in spools of say 100, 250, or even less for a reasonable price. I've been getting tired of not having foam when I need to make darts and I want easier to see darts that fire better for my barrel material because whenever I fire slightly tighter darts they fire further than my darts slightly. I am also wondering if anyone has found notably better fitting foam for an average 1/2" cpvc barrel. Finally, does spray painting darts tend to leave spray paint in barrels? I am not asking for a fbr seller right now, but I would like to know the status of what foam is out there.

Thank you if you reply in advance.

4B help needed

16 January 2013 - 10:58 PM

I have recently gotten a 4B. I did some research, put a coupler on it, basic stuff. I was enthusiastic because, I had thought that it would work well. Nope. The dang tank doesn't hold air! I opened it up, tried this http://nerfhaven.com...showtopic=21118 and it still doesn't work. Basically what happens is when I pump it the air just goes straight out the barrel firing the dart a few feet in front of me. Obviously somethings up with the firing pin or the o-ring seal in the tank but, what exactly could I do to either fix this or determine the exact problem? I have ran out of patience with this. I have though of many things that I could do and done loads of research and still no success. If the gun is messed up it's to late to return and I would resort in opening the tank last. How often is this in 4B's and have many other people had this problem? Also everything else appears to work fine, decent pump, fine check valve, barrel seals fine, and I need urgent help. The gun shot fine when I got it and shoots fine when the gun isn't together (when not in the shell). Does any one know how I can fix this? Also it's the newer 4B internals.

Here are some images, though please note, the trigger is in its normal position when it's in the shell not how it's displayed in most of these pictures.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image


09 January 2013 - 03:59 PM

I have a suggestion that I have thought of. I think It would be for the benefit of the community if you were to add a feature where you could set the posts on a thread to appear in a descending order by default. I think that this would be very useful for threads such as the buyer/seller feedback thread and picture threads because the new content that is generally what people are looking for is displayed at the end. Sure people could just click last and see that information but still you have to scroll down which is disappointing when you would find out that only little new content where to be added at the given time. Also, the information would be more organized and easier to view. The logic behind this is that when you go to a specific forum at the top you see the pinned topics then the latest topics. You don't have to skip to last just to view new content, it's right there. One last thing, the reason I say "you could set" is because quite obviously you would want to read the original post and would commonly find interest in the discussion from start to finish, just like you would read a book, but that's not the case with a magazine or newspaper, you don't read about the "oog chuk chuk" messages the Mesopotamians wrote thousands of years ago about farmer johns in the villages new sale trying when just wanting to get to the weather forecast for Friday. I think that this would be a fantastic addition to the site that would make information more easily accessible to members and anyone else viewing the site and I hope you take this into consideration.

Couplered/cpvc breeched Panther and slight minimization

17 September 2012 - 08:50 PM

Hey everyone I'm (no shit)doing a write up on a panther that's couplered and how to do a very simple breech. Also this is my first post so I hope it's good.
-some 1/2 cpvc
-a 1/2 cpvc coupler (or coupling as they call it in home depot)
-(optional)another pump handle or tube (the 1/2 cpvc works just fine)
-small flat head and philips head screw drivers
-hot glue gun with glue (or other preferred choice of glue like epoxy or super glue)
-hack saw
-(optional) pipe cutters
Here it is with some cool looking hue that I screwed up. Posted Image
So I'm doing a mostly clean coupler mod with a few cosmetic changes (2) and this is mostly for beginners, but I'm sure you all can get something out of it.
Now lets begin. First unscrew it, then pry out the orange piece (VERY carefully because it will be important later), and take off that blue piece (piece now properly spelled).
Posted Image
Next we'll need to cut the old barrel off.
Posted Image
Make your choice. You may need to do this if you're doing the breech.
Posted Image
After that just glue a small 6" piece of cpvc air tight into it and your breech is done.
For the coupler then we must add a small piece of cpvc to the coupler
Posted Image
After that glue the cpvc side of the coupler into the part of the barrel like this.
Posted Image
If youre doing the coupler cut off part of the front like this so it can fit.
Posted Image
I personally want the pump longer so I glued the head to the pump onto the end of a broken pumps handle I had.
Posted Image
Posted Image
Meanwhile do this.
Posted Image
Just about done.
Posted Image
Posted Image
My yard is pretty large but here's a range test with some information. See ranges for specific ranges.
Posted Image
Posted Image
So then I was thinking what if I...
Posted Image
Posted Image
Strangely the hopper used on the panther has a really good feel and is light weight if you hold it on the wye and would be great with a stock. Thanks for reading good luck if you're making it.

Panther ranges:
A lot of information you don't have to read it:
-shot 37-42 feet stock
-darts shot straighter in the petg
-the darts shot faster in the cpvc
-1/2 cpvc couplered panther
-cpvc barrel I used 6"
-petg barrel I used 1'
-I used 5 slugs one with home depot fbr and 4 with mcc master carr
-the dart with the mcc master carr fbr had a bad batch of felt pads and they where the white ones while the other I used the green ones
-All but one were shot flat (its specified below)
-there's a flat hill 30' into my yard at about a 10 (ish) degree angle and I measured as if it wasn't there
-I measure by feet (74 means 74 feet)
-slugs were 1 1/2" long
-the hopper barrel was 8"
-I used a 5 dart hopper
-I used a 3" piece made out of 1/2" cpvc and pvc to go from the 1'2 pvc wye to the 1/2 cpvc
-I rapped e-tape around the petg to fit in the coupler
-used stock buzz bee darts
-I held the gun straight
62 - mcc master fbr
64 - mcc master fbr
65 - mcc master fbr
71 - mcc master fbr
81 - home depot fbr

Petg on coupler 10 pumps:
63 - mcc master
74 - home depot

Cpvc on coupler 10 pumps:
81 - mcc master
91 - home depot

Stock darts in cpvc on coupler 10 pumps:
22 - spun and fell
24 - spun and fell
68 - 45 degree angle went straight

Stock darts in cpvc 15 pumps:

Cpvc on coupler 15 pumps:
100' fence - mcc master veered up
over 100' fence - home depot veered up
over100' fence - mcc master veered up
87 - mcc master veered down

Petg 15 pumps:
76 - mcc master flew VERY straight