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SuperMax 1500 Modification

15 June 2012 - 08:30 PM

Hello everyone, So I just got a SuperMax 1500 and a nightfinder 1st generation. I was super happy with this because I got both of them on e-bay for 28$. When they came in the mail today I couldn't wait to open them up and get started. So before we start I would just like to say that I did look at a few SM 1500 modifications and this was my take on them. I have not completely finished the gun. When I do I will post a picture in the modification/paint job thread.

So lets begin,

What Was done to the gun.
-Pump Plugged.
-Barrel Replaced with PETG.
-Trigger Strengthen.
-Paint job soon to come.

Step 1. Open up the gun. (Pretty Obvious)
Posted Image
You have to use a hair dryer to heat up these two pieces and pry them off. Otherwise you will break the shell.
Posted Image

Step 2. Plug the Pump, Just put a dab of hot glue over the little hole.
Posted Image

Step 3. Strengthen the trigger. Cover the spring with hot glue like I did here.
Posted Image

Step 4. Now pull out the barrels, its not glued in or anything just pull it right out. Then look at the back and there is two little screws. Take them out and the barrels should come apart.
Posted Image
Posted Image

Step 5. The barrels should come apart and the AR's will come out. Pull all these pieces out.
Posted Image
Then the barrels should look like this.
Posted ImagePosted Image

Step 6. To get the barrels ready wrap four pieces of PETG with E-tape so they are snug in the orange barrels. I made each Barrel 6 inches long. Rub some plumbers epoxy on the E-tape then push them into the orange barrels. Place a small piece of 1/2 inch PVC in the middle of the barrels so they stay straight.
Moderator edit: Kudos to TantumBull for this picture.
Posted Image

Step 7. Put it all back together. Here is what mine ended up looking like.(Like I said earlier I am still not done)
She still needs a paint job which I will post Pictures when that has been done. If you have any ideas for the colors let me know. I will put the tank back on next time I open it up. It was left off to test out the range.
Posted Image

Thanks everyone please show me some support on my first post and leave me some feedback.