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A problem with the Awareness thread being in Trading… 

18 May 2012 - 02:31 PM

Pretty self-explanatory. I can't post in the Trading forum at all (reasonable, for the most part), which means I can't post in the Awareness thread (not so reasonable). Actually, I can't even read the Awareness thread (or Trading at all), even if I log out! Was this considered when the decisions to move the thread and not allow newbies into Trading were made? Probably not, because New Users: READ THIS FIRST says that new members should post in Awareness:

Where to post:

  • Product Availability - If you're asking about where you can buy a nerf or off-brand blaster, use the Nerf Product Awareness Thread, and search it before you post. This thread is pinned in the Trading Forum

Anyway, here's what I would have posted.