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15 March 2012 - 07:51 AM

Hatboro-Horsham Nerf Outing Information

Hello, as of recently I decided to host a nerf war and decided on the park near my house.

Location:The park is Hatboro Memorial Park (Link)
Date:The date is July 21, 2012
Time: 10:00 A.M. until 5:00 P.M. Please arrive on time.

What to Bring:
- 1+ Primaries
- Stocks guns (Close quarters battles will be played to change things up abit)
- Pistol
- Darts
- A good attitude
- Water
- Lunch
- Money
- A friend
- Eye protection
- Melee

What NOT to Bring:
- Painful Darts
- Anything that can be considered dangerous by the attendees. The attendees will decide.
- Anything too “mil-sim”

Game Types: I would like to do some close quarters battles as well.
- Team Death match (3-15, 4-20, 5-0)
- Capture the Flag
- Defend the Core (if a core is available)
- Carpe Testiculum
- *All suggestions are welcome*

Relevant Information:
- Respect the Park, the People, and their Property.
- Follow all rules. They are for your own good.
- Ask questions.
- Barrel taps: Must tap then discharge your loaded blaster on the ground immediately after.
- Shields will be allowed in certain rounds by decision of the other attendees. Pistols or melee only when using a shield.
- All ages are welcome, however you must follow the rules and realize the blasters you are facing may hurt. Attend at your own risk.
- Eye protection is MANDATORY.
- An age restriction is in place for kids 13 and under UNLESS you can act mature enough. If you cannot act mature enough, you WILL be told to sit out for the rest of the day, and/or leave.
- There may or may not be bathrooms available, so go before you arrive.

Looks like rain?!

Attendance List:

-modsRus34 +1
-Robin Hood
-Princess Peach 33

May be


Posted Image
This is a map of the area surrounding the park.

Posted Image
This is the park.

Mobstacle Pictures Coming Soon (maybe)!