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What Happened to NerfHaven

27 April 2020 - 08:24 PM

Haven't been on the site in idk, maybe six years? Sad to see the forums so dead. Anyone care to catch me up on the following?


1. What happened to NerfHaven?


2. Is modding Nerf blasters still a thing? If so, where do people congregate now?


3. What are all the old heads up to now?


4. Where's the best place to go to buy some Elite Alpha Trooper spare parts?



I'm assuming everyone grew up and the scene changed. Was feeling a bit nostalgic after dusting off some old blasters for a Nerf war over quarantine. I'm sure plenty of older members trickle in and out of here every so often and have the same questions I have. Hopefully the sheer level of ignorance that this forum contained (see: AT4Play) lives on elsewhere.

Efficient Barrels

10 September 2013 - 03:43 PM

On a couple of occasions, I've observed discussions debating how having loose fitting/faux barrels after an actual barrel in some cases increases range and/or accuracy.

Basically what has been done is people take a section of tight barrel material, such as CPVC, and hammer it into loose fitting material such as 1/2" PVC.

How this works:
-There is a segment of tight fitting material the size of the dart being used, which allows the plunger assembly to build up pressure as usual.
-Once the dart begins its travel, it enters the loose fitting material, which loosely grips the dart instead of having a continuous tight fit.
-The loose barrel in theory should reduce unnecessary friction on the dart, allowing it to accelerate to higher speeds, resulting in higher range and possibly higher accuracy.

In theory this sounds like it should produce better performance. I will try it out myself with brass and PETG this weekend, but is there anyone out there that has tried this type of barrel, and could shed some light onto if and how much it increases performance?

PETG Sellers

19 April 2013 - 04:31 PM

I was unsure where this thread should go as it is more than a wtb for petg, so hopefully it will make-do here.

So, who is currently selling large amounts of 1/2" PETG? There have been a series of large sales threads such as Split's, but I believe all of them have closed with the OP's currently inactive.

Who or where is the go-to for buying PETG nowadays? Are there still users that regularly sell? I know McMaster sells but their shipping is awful.

I will check my local areas, but in general has anyone had luck finding barrel sized petg in aquarium stores like Pet Co.? I know plunger tube sized PETG can often be found, but havent heard of 1/2".


08 August 2012 - 10:51 PM

I've been reading around lately on how people make holsters for their blasters. I've seen people make crappy cube-like cardboard and ductape holsters, and have heard of people making holsters out of coat hanger wire, duct tape, and cardboard bent multiple. Most of the methods I have observed were from topics that are nearly a decade old, and was wondering if these were outdated and if any new methods have been created. So, how do you make your holsters, and are there any writeups out there I may have missed that detail how to make a good one?

Alpha Trooper and Secret Strike Discontinued?

21 March 2012 - 05:55 PM

First off, I'm new here and if I'm violating an rules or have this in the wrong spot, just PM me and I'll delete it or make the changes.

So, I've ben looking to get my hands on an Alpha trooper and some SSPB's for parts, but it seems that stores are no longer carrying them online, and they are way overpriced on amazon, which is typically what happens to discontinued guns. I also can no longer find the SSPB in stores. so, are these guns dissappearing, or is it just me? Hard to believe the Alpha could be already gone since its only a year or two old.