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Supermaxx 500 Modification

17 February 2012 - 02:43 PM

So I've been modifying for about 3 years now, yet this is only my first post and writeup on Nerfhaven.
For my first writeup, I wanted to start with a blaster that has good modification potential but that I haven't seen a lot of. I chose...

The Supermaxx 500

Posted Image

Let's begin.

See the short white barrel? Simply remove it by cutting right in front of the orange ring. You can use a scroll saw, dremel, hacksaw, etc.

Posted Image

It should look like this:

Posted Image
I went and sanded this after cutting.

It turns out 1/2 PVC fits nice and snug, (with electrical tape),Inside the remainder of the white barrel.
So simply make a barrel! I used 7" of Thickwall PETG inside 7" of 1/2 PVC. E-tape both ends of the PETG, apply some Goop, and put inside the PVC like so.
Posted Image

Set that aside and let it cure.

When it's dry E-tape one end of the PVC until it fits nice and snug inside the white piece.
Posted Image
Goop the barrel inside the white piece. Also glue if desired.

Let that cure for about 24 hours, and you're finished!

Posted Image

Ranges: I tested in quite snowy weather, with 4 pumps and the darts ramrodded, of course. I achieved ranges of 105 feet on average, and about 110-115. These were darts with #8 washers and glue domes.

So ends my first writeup, quite simple in my opinion. This has probably been done before. With this modification, I didn't even have to open the blaster. I find this actually Noobish of myself,for I always open guns, but I didn't want to do any trigger or pump modifications, and I wanted to preserve the orange rings.
Comments, Questions, Flames? Please post your feedback. :)

- Slime