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Nerf Elite Retaliator

29 June 2012 - 06:31 PM

Hey guys this is my first mod writeup. This IS what the write up is about.

Posted Image

The Nerf Elite Retaliator. Here is another Blaster Pic.

Posted Image

The Accessories
Posted Image

The Clip of 12 Awesome points!
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The Internals
Posted Image

First, off this is a direct plunger system meaning that white piece you see, is the plunger tube. The orange piece sticking out of it is the Plunger rod. Look at the pic you will see that the breech is also located within the plunger. Kind of weird at first. Those two white pieces at the bottom are the locks.

This write up is just the simple AR removal, and locks. This is just like the recon but smaller breech and a different set up. Going from reverse plunger to direct is a little weird. The Spring not seen in the picture rests on the orange PR. IT is weak, but we will get to that. First you need to remove the PT and breech set up. It is easy it slides out.

First we are going to look at that pesky AR/peg. There it is see it? Sorry for the pic. I couldn't get it at the right spot.
Posted Image

"How do I remove it?" Asks the kid in the back row.

"Simple", I say. "However you need to know that thing moves the length of the breech shaft and there is no way to grab it unless you have a longer set of needle nose. So what I did, is that I took a screwdriver and hammer and removed the peg by nailing it. (A laugh chuckles from the class. Mr. Greydon looks sternly at them.) Once you do that you will notice that the three prong AR piece is still there. I didn't have long enough needle nose pliers to get them out so I kept it in there. But look at it it creates a small hole.

Posted Image

That could be used for a better air flow. I kept it in there, because of my situation with the needle nose pliers. But class that is the simple AR Removal. I will get better Needle nose pliers and get that thing out of there. But here is the first write up of an Elite blaster. Hope you like. No! I didn't do a range test it is too hot here to try one. So don't ask.


Lanard Blast Bazooka :First Mod

16 November 2011 - 02:45 PM

Hello all,

I am new to the whole modding thing. Granted for years I have been removing air restrictors. That has been the extent of my modding until now, and I want your help. I want to start going to wars and want to mod one of my guns to be a gun I will use for the said war. That is why I am doing this.

The project: MY Lanard Blast Bazooka
Posted Image

Below are some pictures. What I am wanting to do is make it a single shot..which when moving the restiritor like I did makes it one. Shoots all Nerf darts and the couple Air zone darts I do have.
Posted Image

I sanded down that gray piece as well so that it was just flush with the orange. I didn't want to damage the orange piece, just in case I wanted to or needed to save it.
Posted Image

Now...This is work in progress I will update as I go. I have measured the distance traveled, but currently don't have it in front of me. I will post that when I get home. What I would like to do to this is make a hopper for it to in crease RoF. I have read the other mods about this, but I don;t want to cut the frame of the gun. Because in my opinion the design is cool, and I would like to keep it. Now should I mark out the hopper from the end of the orange barrel, where the dart would go? Rather should I cut it here? (The spot where the tank meets the orange barrel.)
Posted Image

To add the hopper, If it was at the blue tank. All it would take would be some trimming around this part, and cut off part of the top of the gun.
Posted Image

I have seen other peoples mods and received very different ways of modding it.

I just want to know which would be the best way to do it?

My other, and possibly final question for right now is where do I get the PVC "Y" hookup?

As of tomorrow afternoon I am off of work for a week. I can actually sit down and do this, and will update with pictures as I do.

NE PA War?

04 November 2011 - 12:00 AM

I was wondering if anyone new if there is a war on the eastern side of PA. I saw the one for Pittsburgh, but for someone on the other side of the state is a little hard to get there. So I was wondering if there was anyone on the east coast of Pa interested, or know of a war happening around there.