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Longshot mod questions

15 February 2012 - 11:19 AM

So I've been considering modding my Longshot (duh). I've done some research into it so I don't muck it up the first time, and what I've gotten from it is that you can take out the AR, plug the air release hole, and add more/stronger springs (and have to add padding). Is it possible to just remove the AR and plug the hole with some duct tape without the spring mod, or will I end up breaking my prized loser rifle in the long run?

Raider drum problems

13 November 2011 - 12:15 PM

My Raider drum recently decided to give on me. The drum tensioner won't really work, and darts get caught up in the drum when advancing, and I've ruled out bad darts. Also, the drum won't take more than 30 darts now (as opposed to 35). Does anyone know any fixes for this problem or what's wrong even?

Quick public question: Vortex or N-Strike?

07 November 2011 - 07:46 AM

I'll probably be flamed for this, but here goes:

Which series of gun would you shoot, Vortex or N-Strike?

I personally like N-Strike better, not because of the distance (which usually sucks) but because of the modularity of all of them (barrels can be swapped, scopes/lights can be added) and their guns are more modern (Recon looks like an M4A1, Element looks like a USP, etc.). How about you guys; Vortex or N-Strike?

Buzzbee DS mod questions

05 November 2011 - 02:23 PM

OK, so I've done the "standard" mod of adding rear-cocking for my Double Shot, and I've seen some people do this mod differently. Some I've seen have kept the pulley setup in the butt of the shotgun (the black hunk of plastic), and some others have just removed it entirely. Does keeping the back pulley matter at all, as I've heard it reduces stress on the other parts, or can I just pitch it and use my DS without it?

BTW yes, I'm a fucking noob, I searched the forums before posting this, and it doesn't help if I'm being called stupid because people don't understand that not everybody is a goddamn genius at NERF-related anything.

"classes" for NERF Wars

05 November 2011 - 12:49 AM

I was thinking (and doing this out of boredom) that maybe NERF wars can have predetermined classes at the host's discretion (means THIS IS ALL SUGGESTIONS). Here's some TF2 and BRINK inspired classes for yeh:

Primary: Any AR or other such gun (Recon, LS w/o FG, etc.)
Secondary: Any gun lighter than the Primary (NF, Element, Firefly, etc.)
Other stuff: Tactical Vest, DT Vest, Stonewall Sword (as a combat knife)

The front linemen, the Trooper is the all-rounder class for any NERF war.

Primary: SMG or MP-like weapon
Secondary: Any handgun
Other stuff: "Revive Syringes" (medicine or baby syringes; PLEASE NO HEROIN NEEDLES!!!), some kind of Medical ID.
The Medic can revive other downed players or revive them, depending on the context of the game and what "death" rules apply.

Primary: Vulcan chaingun or Stampede LMG
Secondary: Buzzsaw, Titan Launcher, or other heavy weapon.
Other stuff: Tactical Vest, sandwich (explanation below), fairly large build.
The Heavy is the stereotypical massive man who uses heavy guns. For added fun, you can have a rule where if the Heavy eats a sandwich, he can become invincible for 30 seconds. XD

Primary: Any gun, save for heavy weapons.
Secondary: Same as Trooper
Other stuff: NERF grenades, homemade Caltrop grenades (ask for recipe ;) ), other creative NERF explosives and deplorable traps.
The Engineer is the one who you'd see if you want a room clear, a flanking position cut off, something built, or something blown up. (Note: DON'T USE REAL 'SPLOSIVES!!!)

Primary: Longshot, Longstrike, Boltsniper FAR, or other such loser rifle.
Secondary: Handgun
Other stuff: Some kind of camoflague, binoculars (for spotting), a long attention span.
The loser is the unseen killer behind a heavy-as-Hell's-hand loser rifle. Just a heads-up: the don't typically miss.