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27 August 2012 - 02:50 AM

Hello out there I wasn't entirely sure where this would go, Due to it being partly me talking as well as asking questions and there's the lack of a question thread, so with the blessing of the gods of nerf and the moderators, we begin.

I've kept this under my hat for a fair while so there will be no pictures until it is complete.

As some of you may know I had the great privilege of acquiring a stock vortex tornado as well as the rare ammo, I've planned on keeping it stock but my greatest challenge was to replicate the ammo.

I have seen the write up of the tape rings, which I slightly modified to be more user friendly I will not go in to depth on it but I used a ring of rolled paper at the top to simulate the original airfoil design, Its a bit heavier but it works and flies straight.
I had also seen a similar reproduction on Google images with gasket lining, the maker said it worked but I cannot verify, But to my knowledge no-one had tried to mold the rings, until me.

I had found out that plaster of paris makes a fine mold, but I had to develop what type of mold I would be using, I tried a two part mold first but to no avail as its hard to center the inner plaster, I tried to use vasoline (petroleum jelly) to lubricate the mold for easier removal but the vaseline would suffocate the latex and cause the bottom of the ring to not cure, without the vaseline it cures beautifully but getting a perfect cast is proving ever tricky as the air gets trapped at the bottom of the mold and causes an uneven cast.

I do believe I might have all the issues sorted out and if it works I shall include a picture of a finished ring, until that time I would like to talk about/ discuss with you fine people the trials or tribulations you've had through trying to make your own koosh rings, nerf parts, or homemade blasters.

If my determination pays off would people like to purchase molded rings for koosh blasters, as I don't actually know if anyone would be interested.

Sincerely yours a Tasmanian.

30/08/2012 REPLYS
I've currently got another ring in the mold at home but as current, I'm 250 kms away from my home, when I get back the ring should be cured and I will post a picture of the rings progress.

If the rings turn out perfectly I'd be selling them for $3-4 a piece but bulk discounts might work, but as much as I experiment with it the further away perfection seems, I'm thinking of getting a small company involved so I'd have access to injection molding but as most don't know I'm a full time uni student and time is hard to come by.

I hope this answers the questions.

Here's a pic of rings molded after changes to the mold, I've still got one trick up my sleeve for a mold but I have to see if it works first then a pic shall be uploaded btw in the last 3 days I've traveled 1000kms.