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Elite plungertube draw increase

29 August 2012 - 01:44 AM

This mod eliminates dead space in the plunger tube for elites, but more importnatly turns that dead space into draw length for more power
Posted Image
You can see where the plungerhead naturally rests stock in this pic, everything to the left of the black of the O-ring you can vaguely see is dead space.

Posted Image
This is what the plunger tube looks like after this mod

Step 1 Remove the plunger rod
Posted Image
If you pull the head out at an angle you don't need to remove the orange ring.

Step 2
Grind down the grind down the ridge that prevents the plunger from moving all the way down the tube. It's where the plunger head is stopped in the first pic on the inside of the tube (no pic, anything I tried to take just looked all white)
Use a round utility bit

Step 3
Slightly file down the front lip of the plunger head at an angle so that it feeds easily into the ridge you just ground down allowing the head to travel the full length of the tube.
Posted Image

Step 4
Add some hot glue to the back of the plunger head so that the spring will push the whole length of the tube, and to add some pre-load
Posted Image

Note that there is very little room for the spring to compress into and still have the catch engage keep this in mind.
Posted Image

NOTE:I didn't bother to mention mods for the retaliators that I've seen write ups on even I did them a little differently. Also not that the pics are of a clear recon and so some of the way things are shown in the pics may be slightly different for a retaliator or rampage shell. (specifically the glue on the back of the head)

If you want to see the other mods or how to get the retaliator internals into a recon I have it posted here http://nerfmodsandnews.blogspot.com/

Blaster Pro E5000 Internals

25 August 2012 - 11:40 AM

Posted Image
I am pleasntly surprised at how much I like this thing. Good plunger tube size, nice strong spring, a trigger and a breech that doesn't rip apart the ammo. The internals in general are of a much higher quality than you'd expect if you saw how little was going on inside of xploderz.
The system is driven by a rack and half gear much like a vulcan or stampede.

Posted Image
The breech is actually the biggest and most impressive improvement. I was use to having xploderz shatter ammo as often as it would fire correctly. This system has not broken 1 ball yet. This is amazing to me for 2 reason; the breech is working perfectly, and because this also means that I haven't hit a ball that was already broken in the pre-grown ammo.

More on the E5000 at http://nerfmodsandnews.blogspot.com/

Pyragon Drum Video: internal workings

24 August 2012 - 03:45 PM


Video of the inner workings of the pyragon drum, aka condom manufacturing machine.

Pics are here

Nitron pistol /w Interesting find

10 August 2012 - 01:08 PM

I did a pretty extensive minimization to a nitron. I found that without the from part of the blaster the discs started to veer left instead of right when exiting the barrel.
It looks like the issue with discs veering to the right with nitrons is actually caused by them bouncing off the left side of the barrel which probably causes a good bit of loss in range.
Without the loss of velocity from bouncing in the barrel the nitron might be able to get some impressive ranges with a volt mod.
Posted Image
Posted Image

I also tried weighted discs putting a thick bead of hot glue all the way around the inside of the disc. My theory was that the drag on the discs from air resistance was too much for the discs mass to take full advantage of added power. At 15v the nitron is getting far better ranges with the weighted discs. I can't measure now and probably wont ever take the time to do so.

The nitron is the only vortex that can weight discs around the inner ring do to the way ther torsion springs fling the discs using the inner ring.

Swarmfire Reshell

30 May 2012 - 02:27 PM

Since the swarmfires internals are so easy to swap into another shell I was going to pop one in either a needler from Halo or the Big Baby from hellboy.

Posted Image
Needler (paper model finished)

Posted Image
Big Baby

So after the paper model is done I coat in fiberglass resin then bondo to shape

The problem is that the needler doesn't fit the internals very well and the front end of the turret would be replace the top front part of the needler.

For the big baby the part of the internals that lets the rack gear slide back would probably stick out of the back of the dome a little bit.

So which one do you guys think I should do?