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sperlative plunger head question

19 July 2012 - 09:16 PM

I hate doing this but, do any of you know how the superlative snap plunger head seals better?
with the 1"1/8 washer in the front or back of the 1"1/4 washer?
Ive seen people doing it both ways but I don't know which ones better and
I've always used skirt seals until I came across a budget.

longshot clip accepting problen FIXED!!

29 June 2011 - 09:50 PM

Hello everybody,

I'd like to tell you all a way how to solve your longshot clip accepting problem without cutting the priming chamber ;) .

Some time ago my longshot has been acting funky. :|
The problem was that it didn't catch far back enough to accept the clip,
which meant I had to close the breech in order to put the clip which got really annoying.

My first thought was to cut the priming black piece by half a centimeter but, I thought to myself that there could have been something that caused the problem in the first piece. :|

Months later after re lubricating my blaster, found the ultimate solution.

It turns out that I placed my plunger head in the wrong position.

Okay, for those of you modders that have this problem and haven't taken action open up your longshot and take a close look at your plunger rod and head.
Now that your done that, see those four notches on your plunger head ?

If you have the problem I discussed earlier the four pegs from the plunger head will be out of alignment with the four nocthes
on the plunger head.

The next step is simple, just take out the plunger head and put it back in making sure it is all aligned.

Now put it all together and it should all work smoothly with the problem no longer in presence :D

So overall this is a great solution that everybody should do, especially if they go through this sort of problem. :)

Thanks for reading my post.

I'm trying to Improve my posting so, feel free to tell me how to improve. :)
By the way, I apologize for not adding pics.