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Magstrike mod help

02 May 2012 - 12:15 PM


So i plan on making a magstrike semi auto, by hooking up an RSCB'd shotblast tank to the bladder, completely eliminating the piston part of the blaster, I've seen it done on the SGnerf site. But the thing is, i need a flow control valve so all the air doesn't go out of the bladder at once and through the opening of the shotblast tank. I want to get at least 3 shots in before pumping, and i believe this is do-able. Can someone direct me to an online store to purchase a flow control valve for this purpose? I like using 1/8in ID, 1/4in OD tubing, so that size valve is prefered. Thanks.

Nitefinder Rifle Writeup

11 January 2012 - 06:00 PM

Hi! I figured that since there isn't really a nitefinder rifle writeup on most NIC websites, i thought i'd contribute a bit. This is pretty much ACNERFSHOP's youtube writeup, but with some slight changes. So here it goes!

Materials needed:

Nitefinder (duh)
1x 3/8 inch wooden dowel rod
3x ace 49 springs
2x 1in #6 bolts
2x 1/2 inch #6 sheet metal screws
1x 1/2 inch pvc coupler
1/2 PVC
1in ID PETG tubing, or something else tubeish with the same ID
Electrical tape

PVC cutter
Drill with a 7/64 and a 1/8 in drill bits
Dremel with drum sanding bit

So you have a stock nitefinder
Posted Image

Get it out of the package!
Posted Image
Open it up and separate the pieces according to this 1337 dizzyduck whiteboard diagram
Posted Image

Mark your plunger rod like this, and cut it.
Posted Image

Posted Image

Next, gather your dowel rod, pvc coupler, and 1/2 inch pvc
Posted Image
Cut 1&1/2 inches of the 1/2 inch pvc, and solvent weld it into your coupler.

Posted Image
Next, cut your 3/8in dowel rod to 12&1/2 inches. After you cut it to that length, measure 3&3/4 inches into the rod, and cut the notch like so.

Drill a 7/64in hole in the top and bottom of the dowel rod. Try to center it as good as possible.
Posted Image

Then drill a 1/8in hole through the hole already in the plunger head and through the pullback piece from the plunger rod like so:
Posted Image

Attach the pullback piece to the end of the rod farthest from the catch notch, then slide on your catch, springs, then finally screw on your plunger head using the 1in #6 bolts like so:
Posted Image

Next, it's time to prepare your plunger tube!
Cut it to 12&1/4inches, and de-bur any ends you cut.
Posted Image

Next, take the pvc coupler with the stub of pvc you solvent welded in, and wrap etape around the stub until it fits snugly in the plunger tube. Slather it with goop, and press it into the plunger tube. Drill two starter holes for your sheet metal screws on opposite sides of the plunger tube, and drill them in like so. This will keep the coupler from coming out and act as a dart stop.
Posted Image

Now, we'll need to prepare the shell for it's new larger OD plunger tube. First, cut off the front part of the shell that holds the stock barrel's tip. Then use a grinding bit on your dremel to enlarge the hole at the front of the gun like so:
Posted Image

Now, insert your plunger rod (with head, springs and catch attached) into the plunger tube. And place it in your blaster like so:
Posted Image
Make sure you lube your plunger head! I use this
Posted Image

Now, i can't find a better way to secure the plunger tube, so fill the area under the tac rail/over the plunger tube with hotglue.

Now close it up, put all the screws back in. Notice that the topmost right screw port was destroyed when enlarging the front hole, so drill out the port so you can insert a zip tie to hold it shut.
Posted Image

Now you have an awesome nitefinder that is primary worthy! A nearly perfect seal too! This puppy has a ton of draw length (i didn't measure)
Posted Image

The ace 49's get full compression too!
Posted Image

Well that's it! Questions, comments, flames?

Images will not show on any posts?

26 May 2011 - 03:42 PM


i've been meaning to do some mods to my nerf guns lately, but i can't do them because none of the pictures posted on the forums will show... I've tried clearing my cache, clearing cookies, etc (im using google chrome by the way) i've even tried 2 other browsers to no avail... any help?


CPVC Hopper tutorial?

23 May 2011 - 06:52 PM


I have been looking all over the site lately and cannot find instructions on how to make a CPVC hopper... I want to use it with my AT3K to give it a higher ROF... Can anyone direct me to such a topic? It would be greatly appreciated!