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Ctcon Mad

12 October 2008 - 08:41 PM

So this weekend (my fall break) my friend invited me to go to a nerf war at this months Cocneticon MAD. Dispite everyone getting there about 2-3 hours late (MAD tradition?), we got started. Unfortunately I didn't manage/remember to get any pictures... :D

We tried a short little human vs. zombie game. It didn't quite work out especially due to the small area. So for the rest of the day we decided to play single eliminations and some games of capture the flag.

The play area was about 60'x150'. This was an open parking lot near some office buildings in Newington, CT. I managed to find about 10-12 intact broken down boxes that were used as bunkers, they seemed to suffice quite well.

Strangely, the guy(s) who were supposed to run the nerf war decided to partake in the other activities that were available, like the video games and a MTG tourney... So I got to run it. With no prior nerf war experience, I can say that I was quite pleased with the overall outcome of the day. People were happy and no one got seriously injured, one kid managed to twist his ankle...

I used my LS for every game. I still haven't gotten around to doing any serious modifications, but it was one of the only modified blasters there. I had some amazing shots and some rather silly streamline flight paths.

  • I got to be in charge and exercise a form of authority.
  • In a 2v3 single elimination, tagging the opposing 3, 2 in the leg one in the back.
  • Remembering how light I am on my feet when I have to.
  • Getting some sun, I spend too much time in the dorm whilst at school...
  • Those in charge not taking charge.
  • One broken Vulcan (confirmed?)
  • One annoying kid.
I know that nerf is here to stay at the CTCON MAD's. Unfortunately I cannot make it to all of them. I can try to find out when all the MAD's are scheduled if anyone is interested.

Singled Pump Longshot

13 April 2008 - 03:00 PM

I want to make a pneumatic longshot that's singled. I don't think that singling will be that difficult, my only concern is the difficulty of fitting an air chamber inside the stock and not cutting up the externals. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I should do for this part? This also includes the valve, I'm planning on using a sprinkler valve or a similar valve that will be quick and efficient.

I haven't had too much time to look around at the stuff I want to recently...


My Sister's Special Day, And A Car!

17 March 2008 - 10:03 PM

Well, whilst at my sister's wedding I was fortunate to drive my now brother in law's relatively new Mazda RX8. I got to drive it from the church to my sister's apartment to get my brothers tux shirt, then to the car wash, and then back to the church. Six speed manual dual clutch plates... OMFG I can't wait until I'm back down in NC!

Here come the picts!

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image
My bro in the driver seat.
Posted Image

Posted Image
Yeah, almost 51k.
Posted Image

Posted Image
Me in the driver seat.
Posted Image
The newlyweds in front of their nice clean car.

More about the wedding HERE and HERE.

What Kind Of Glue To Use

20 December 2007 - 06:04 PM

I searched around a bit and didn't find what I was looking for. I know hot glue could be used for it, but I want something stronger and more reliable.

I'm attaching a different pistol grip to a tek 6 and I want to know if I should use epoxy or Bondo or maybe even JBweld (skeptical on that).


What Do You Want For Xmas '07?

01 December 2007 - 07:33 PM

Ok, I don't care too much (at all) about political correctness, but I'll be nice to those who don't celebrate Xmas...

What do you want for the Holidays?

Here's my list as of now, I need to email it to my parents and extended family soon(ish). You may notice that there's nothing nerf related on there. That's only temporary, I will have something on there. Also I don't know what exactly I want from nerf just yet since I'm really new to the hobby.

And since I couldn't find a decent place to upload a pdf, I'll have to make a physically larger post than I intended to...

I wish I could compress it such that it would be easier for every one, but if I compressed it here, then it'd be a bit harder to read...


Mark's 2007 Gift List

...As usual

...Trench coat
......Me pick out

......Gold Toe black socks

Computer Stuff
...Hard drive

......Up to 3 of these

......Better than the iPod and more veersitile

......Or this one


...Space Wolves
......Blood Claws pack
......2 Rhino's

...USB Missile Launcher
......Just for fun

What are you wishing/hoping for?