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Coming back to Nerf

20 March 2014 - 09:17 PM

To start this off I'm not sure if this really belongs here or in Off Topic, I haven't really been on the forums for around 4 years or so so I apologize if this in the wrong area.

I used to be a lurker on the forums but a largely active member in Nerf, modding guns, making homemades and having neighborhood wars with kids my age and even ones half my age. I started to grow apart from it after some time and eventually never really participated in it or any of the forums. I became active in other hobbies such as track & field, cross country running, cross country skiing and video games. This all lasted up until graduating from high school and starting college, I can't really participate in these sports anymore unless I want to dedicate an extreme chunk of my life to collegiate sports. And without a legitimate hobby I've felt like something is missing in my life all I do now is play video games and go to classes. I'd really like to get back into Nerf once again just to have something to do!

So on to the real point of this topic, I'm very curious of the current state of Nerf. To give you a gauge of when I left it was around the time that someone/some people (Ryan Mcnumbers I think) started making +bows with actual PVC arms instead of springs, and people were looking into drilling holes into the back of stefans to make them more front heavy and fly faster. What I'd like to know is how has Nerf changed since I left? Longshots, XBows, +Bows, and Quadshots were generally accepted as great primaries, have new guns gained dominance or has it remained relatively the same? What impact has 3D printers had on Nerf homemades ad well as modifications? Who currently are really great forerunners in the advancement of Nerf? Has Nerf started to make more guns with regular plungers instead of their horrible reverse plungers? How has the community changed over the years, is NerfHaven still the largest forum, are people leaving Nerf for other interests etc...

I'm sorry if all of this seems a bit much I'm just really curious at what all has happened since I was gone.

Consumed By Video Games

20 June 2009 - 07:20 PM

Hello Everyone, I have been gone for quite a while now, during the time I have been gone I have been overly obsessing with video games. I cant even recall the last time I had a nerf war. So this is why I am here, I want to get back into nerf but I am to addicted to video games I need your guys' help.



20 September 2008 - 09:03 PM

There is this new game called spore out for the pc. I just have the trial version which you only get to make creatures but even though it is only a trial it has gotten me hooked to it. The trial can be found at www.spore.com and you can even download the whole game off of the internet instead of you having to go to your local store. It looks like a great game and i cant wait to get it.

Nite-finder Mrt-6

27 June 2008 - 02:00 AM

This is a write up on the nerf nite finder to make it have a manual revolving turret.

Stuff needed for mod:
1/2 cpvc
1/2 pvc
15/32 brass
pipe cutters
a 3k turret
a thick straw.

First unscrew the gun and take out the plunger assembly, you can throw away the barrel assembly.
Posted Image
Sand out the inside.
Posted Image
hammer a peice of cpvc into an inch of pvc, then glue that into the orange ring at the front of the plunger.
Posted Image
Cut the cpvc at about a half of an inch away from the pvc.
Posted Image
glue 15/32 brass into the cpvc so it comes out about a half of an inch.
Posted Image
Glue that whole assembly into the plunger tube.
Posted Image
put that in the ppk'd nf then close her up. it should look like this
Posted Image
then sand out the back of the 3k's turret so the 15/32 fits nicely in it, but can still be pulled out
Posted Image
Then find a hard straw that fits nicely over the metal rod that comes out of the back of the turret.
Posted Image
glue it here.
Posted Image
Now you are done, put the metal rod in the straw. and your good to go. mine looks like this.
Posted Image

The Nerf Crossbow.

26 June 2008 - 06:30 PM

I know this topic may not be in the right spot, but I thought I should put it here because it is about a nerf blaster.

Anyways. So I am searching for the all holy nerf crossbow. Recently i have been talking to friends about how i would love to get my hands on one, because of all of its positive attributes as in its comfyness, its range, its accuracy, its reliability, and all other sorts of good nerfy stuff. But being of how all of my friends are young and around 13 they didnt get a chance to ever lay their eyes on any other guns except for the N-strike. So i am left with one other thing, asking my freinds if they have this great gun. Some say they do, others say they dont. For those who say they do i go in all out investigation talking to them about a trade with their gun. So we get all the talking over then i go over to buy it and what happens? It turns out it is the Big bad Bow, not the crossbow. This has happened several times so i ask you this question. what can i ask that will tell me if it is the gun i am looking for. like asking if it shot arrows and darts or other questions seperating the crossbow and the BBB.