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Pow! December

11 December 2009 - 08:43 PM

POW! December – Annual SCN Christmas War

Hosted By: karpenter63

Date: Saturday, December 19, 2009

Time: 11:30AM-??:??PM

Location: St. Peter’s Episcopal Church
4048 Brownsville Rd
Pittsburgh, PA 15227

Backup Location: None needed

Special Info: Start Time: Due to a Christmas Pageant rehearsal happening at my church from 9:30 – 11:00, I have been forced to push the start time back. That being said, an 11:30 start time means an 11:30 start time. The first round will be beginning no later than 11:35. So if you don’t want to miss out, make sure to show up on time.

Special Info: Down Time: In a attempt to reduce downtime between rounds, I am requesting that whomsoever wishes to trade guns and or swap yarns about modding guns or previous wars to either arrive early, or save such activities for lunch and the end of the day.

Special Info: Bandana: All attendees will be required to bring a bandana to be used for team identification. Any ripped up piece of fabric will do just as long as it is kept on your person for the entirety of the day. This should speed up the process of switching teams because all one will have to do is remove and pocket their bandana or vice versa.

Special Info: Lunch: Because of the later start time, we probably won’t be stopping for lunch until 1 or 1:30. Packing a lunch is recommended though there is a well equipped shopping center right across the street from us. There is a Chinese Joint, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and a Giant Eagle.

Special Info: House Rules: Being as this war will be held at an indoor location, and a church at that, it is to be expected that we have some house rules. They are as follows:

Respect – We will be nerfing in a place designed for worship, so I ask that you all respect the property. This is a no brainer and I know that I won’t have to worry about anyone punching holes in walls, breaking tables, etc.

Doors – In order to keep everyone in the allowed field of play we have a simple rule: Do not touch the doors. In other words, if a door is open, don’t close it, and vice versa

Allowed Weapons – When SCN was just starting out, the only place we ever nerfed was in this church. Because of this, as we started to modify more and more of our blasters we continued to use them in our little battle field. So basically anything flies in this location, besides the usual banned weaponry. We will ask you to stop using a weapon if people feel uncomfortable with it being used.

Special Info: Required equipment: Besides the bandana, you should also make sure to bring a flashlight that can be attached (taped) to your gun for a lowlight round requested by Solscud, a melee weapon for Swashbuckler’s Heaven, some stock weaponry for the zombies rounds, and of course your usual primary and secondary.

Game Types to be Played:
Deathmatch – 3/15, 5/0 (2 and/or 3 teams)
Heaven – Gunslingers, Swashbucklers
CTF – 2 flags 2 teams, Single Flag (2 or 3 teams)
Zombies – November POW! Variant, and possibly a scenario based round

nonmembers +2

nonmembers + 3
thedecimator + 1

We are capping attendance at 24.

Swashbuckler's Heaven

29 July 2008 - 03:42 PM

A while back, my group had a little nerf war in the 'burgh where we tried out that one game created by Ubermensch. On that same day, however, we also tried out a game that we created ourselves. We dubbed it "Swashbuckler's Heaven" in honor of the game that it was based off of.

Posted Image

  • Single-Shot spring Pistol
  • Foam Sword or Noodle
General: Every player starts out with 2 hitpoints. Once a player loses his first hitpoint he must remove flagging tape (any bright, visible marker will do) from his pocket and place it somewhere prominant on his body. It's generally encouraged to be worn around the head or neck. When donning the marker that nerfer is in "purgatory". If a nerfer in purgatory loses his final hitpoint he dies goes to hell. If, on the other hand, a player in purgatory sends another player to hell (by shooting another nerfer who is in purgatory), he may remove the marker, and regain his second hitpoint. If that nerfer is hit again, he returns to purgatory and the same rules apply. A nerfer may NOT leave purgatory (remove the headband and regain the second hitpoint) by sending another nerfer to purgatory. A nerfer with both hitpoints may not gain a third hitpoint under any circumstances. The battle ends when only one nerfer or team is left standing.

Double Kills: If both nerfers are in purgatory, they remain in purgatory after the double kill. If both nerfers had all their hitpoints, they both go to purgatory afterwards. If one nerfer is in purgatory, and the other is not, the nerfer in purgatory dies and the nerfer who previously had 2 hitpoints is now in purgatory. (Directly Copy and Pasted from VACC's Post regarding Gunslinger's Heaven rules)

Swords: Swords may be used at anytime during the game to kill your opponent, deflect darts etc. However since swords are close range to a nitefinder's long range, relatively speaking of course, it is hard to actually get close enought to actually hit someone with your sword without being shot in the process. So, what you may do is, if you make eye contact with your opponent (eye contact is not necessary, what I mean is your opponent must know you are talking to him/her) you can yell "I challenge thee to a duel", or just "duel" and the pistols suddenly become off limits. While in a duel you are not allowed to shoot at your opponent, if you do you lose a life. Another rule about duels is if you see one under way you may not shoot at the two people engaged in an honorable sword fight. I say two people because a duel cannot consist of more than two people.

There, I believe that is all the rules. If you have any questions post them below. I will also post this in the Nonstandard Games thread.

And now some pics of us playing:

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image
You can just barely see this kid winding up for a smack across the face that got me out of the game finally

Posted Image

Review Of The Flag 'n' Frag System

21 June 2008 - 11:48 PM

As I promised Ubermensch, our litle group of nerfers in Pittsburgh debuted the Flag 'n' Frag system today. Here is my little review of how it went:


What We Did
We played in a church basement that is at least 1.5k square feet large. We arranged the three stations directly next to each other in a line, so close that literally the wall of the one station, was the wall of the next one over.

What we should have done
The space we played on was much to small. You need a lot of space to play this game. Having the stations lined up right next to each other made it too hard to get to the base to put in your flags because someone standing two stations over could easily pick you off with even a stock maverick.


What We Did
We played this game near the end of the evening, so by the time we got to it, some people had to go home. Though the most had at one point were 9 nerfers, we were done to 7 when we finally started to play this game. So the teams were unevenly divided, 4 to 3.

Because of the low numbers of people playing, the game was incredibly hard to win, because you could capture an opponent's base, but then you couldn't hold on to it because you need people back at your home base guarding those three bases you started off with. The main reason we realized this was a problem was because as soon as the opposing team would capture a base, you could literally waltz on over to that capture base, put in your five flags, go back, get five more, and re-capture your base. Because of this, we eventually just called a "No Contest".

Another problem, was there was a lot of dead time, because often everyone would be out at the same time. However, I blame this again on the low numbers.

What we should have done
Well, obviously we should've had more people playing. With more people you can have people guarding all your bases while still trying to capture the remaining ones. If this game is ever to be played again, I think the following formula should be used to decide the number of bases versus the number of players.

Total Bases = [(Total Number of Players - 8)/4]

Example: - You have 16 people at the nerf war, 16 - 8 is 8, divide that by 4, two bases. This formula may be a bit extreme, but it gets my point across that you need a WHOLE lot of people to play this game effectively.

All in all, however, I think that this game dose have a whole lot of potential. We didn't really give this game a chance to shine. I would like to see this game played at a larger war. If that ever happens, I hope that that group will write it up so that we can find out if it works out better that way.

Oh, and just for fun, here are some pictures of us playing:

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image
Photos taken my Matthew Critchfield

PS: I'm sorry, if my grammar, or my explanations are not up to par, I am very tired right now as it is 12:48 am here in pittsburgh.

Learning From Mistakes

10 June 2008 - 05:20 PM

I was unsure where to post this idea, as it is part modification and part article. But since I was scared to post in articles (it seems so...I don't know...forbidden) I am posting this in modifications.

Today I was talking to my friend about how nerrf guns don't look realistic. He was sort of against this, I, however, don't mind this. But it did give me an idea, and so I trudged over to the local Rite-Aid to see what I could see. I didn't see what I was looking for but I did see a sort of cool looking dart blaster for $7. Since it was 25% off because of some summer sale, I said what the hey and bought it for $5.61. I knew that the gun would be ridicously weak straight out of the box, especially with its crap "jelly dart" darts and I was right. The stock gun had a range of aprox. 4".

So I modded it and I ended up getting around 30'. Now the point of this post is not to right up this gun, because it is a piece of shit even modded. No, the point of this post is to show that the best learning can come from a mistake. Buying this gun, even though it was only $5, was not the best use of my money. However I was able to use this gun, which I did not care about, and practice performing certain modifications, such as AR and a Barrel Replacement.

So what I am trying to say in thia post is that it may be in your best advantage if you are a self-proclaimed "noob nerfer" to go out buy one of these crap guns and mod it using new stratagies or techniques you've never used before. Trust me that you will learn much more by doing then asking people from all over the world on an internet forum how to do what you want to do. If you are afraid of trying something on you LS, or your X-bow, why not try it on a piece of shit gun first?

So I challenge each and every person who reads this article to go out and buy a gun from the local thrift store, mod it and get back to me. Post in this topic an picture of the gun stock, a picture of it modded, a list of modifications you performed, ranges, and, this last part is optional, and little insight on what you learned by completing this mod.

I'll go first:


Posted Image

  • Air Restrictors removed
  • Brass barrel added
  • Took spring from other barrel and added that to the one
What I learned:
See above

EDIT: I will resize pic size when I return...but I gotta run.

Frappr...let's Revive It

07 June 2008 - 11:16 AM

Hello everyone in the NIC.

I was recently searching through the Nerf Wars section of the forums and I saw the sticky regarding nerf on Frappr. I was highly intrigued by this and I really liked the idea. So what I decided to do was try to rekindle the fire regarding this great and useful idea.

Frappr - Nerfers United

Posted above is the hyperlink to access the frappr map, Nerfers United. What I beg everyone to do is to access this website, and add yourself to the map. There are 13000+ people on Nerfhaven, and there are definitely not that many on the frappr map. If I had the ability I would make this a mandatory part of signing up for an account on Nerfhaven, because it seems like that important of an idea.

So, please, go to the website type in your name, and by name I mean your alias on Nerfhaven, your email, and your address. When typing in your address, please omit your street name and house number, because even though I don't believe there are any stalkers in the NIC, there may be some on this Frappr website.

That's all I have to say, but please do this because it could make organizing small little local wars much easier.

Thank you,


EDIT: I assume people must be adding themselves because the views are up to 99+, I would however like to know if people actually are. So if you add yourself to the map, could you please post that you did so in this topic. Thanks again.