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Where my Detroit dudes at?

16 July 2014 - 10:38 AM

Hey guys, it's been awhile.

I used to mod a lot from about 2004 to 2008. And I was made a moderator on NerfHQ in 2005.

Anywho, just wondering if there are any modders currently in the metro Detroit area? I'm in Royal Oak.

Cool cool

Michigan War (3m)

27 October 2009 - 08:18 PM

Hey guys! Not sure how many Metro-D nerfers we have around here these days, but anywho, check out the NHQ War Thread for details.

Hope to see ya there!

Sts Grenade

09 October 2007 - 07:13 PM

Once I dropped a loaded STS on the ground and had it go off. I was thinking about it and thought of what a great grenade these would make.

I'm not sure how many of you actually know how an STS works so I'll try to explain. The air comes from the pump into the first chamber and then the second chamber. The trigger is part of the first chamber. When the gun is fully pumped, both chambers are at a high pressure. When you press the trigger, the pressure in the first chamber decreases because air goes out the trigger hole. The pressure from the second chamber wants to go to the first. So while the air is going from the second to the first, the cap is forced closed and air is released from the second chamber out to the barrel.

(I drew this in paint like 2-3 years ago )
(Image wouldn't display here so I posted a url)

So when you connect all the STS's together by the first chamber, Pressing one trigger fires all 4.

Posted Image

I might try putting something like this on the front of a XXL Missile.

So Close, Yet So Far

12 July 2005 - 11:38 AM

Well folks, I almost made a fully-working semi-auto AT2K a few days ago. Here are pics.
Posted Image
I used my Semi2K method with two 2K valves. The clip system is gravity-fed. It works like this. The clip is inserted on the top of the breech. A nail directly connected to the trigger sticks inside of the breech and has a slot to slide with the trigger. When the valve is open the pin can still come back about 1/4in. So after the pin is pulled, the clip advances halfway down the the next barrel. When the trigger is pulled forward into resting position the clip falls down the other half and the next barrel is ready. Here are two more pics.
Posted Image
Posted Image
This failed because we were out of high-temp hot glue so i used low-temp, which made everything kinda fall apart. Another reason this didn't work is because the trigger spring was powerful enough to pull the back valve open at low pressure but when put to high pressure it wasn't strong enough the pull the back valve open, and a spring that was any stronger would have been nearly impossible to pull. Wow i just realized that this was quite a messy job. Hopefully one of you can build off what i've done and make the first fully semi-auto 2K.

Uzi Integration

27 March 2005 - 07:12 AM

I picked this up at a dollar general a few days ago. It had a slide cock that you pull back. When the trigger was pulled it made noise and slid back forward. I took all that stuff out and integrated a 2K into it. It gets 80-90ft. with 3 pumps. I am amazed at how silent it is. From 50ft. away you can barely hear it.
Posted Image