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We're A Threat!

07 October 2008 - 10:43 PM

So anyone else catch the Colbert Report tonight? Apparently games of Nerf Zombies are the number one threat to America this evening. Even had a screen cap from that documentary that was posted here a few months ago. We hit the big time baby!

Different Take On A Doubled Up Nf

27 April 2008 - 01:05 PM

After getting my feet wet with with a few normal mods (NF, Mav) and my Recon Mod I wanted to take a stab at something similar to the NF Rifle, but in reverse. So I added the second plunger tube to the back end of the gun, not the front. I attempted a breech mod for it as well, which technically worked but was killing my ranges (more work to figure that out) so it's just a standard singled springer for now.

Here's the pics.

Posted Image

Internals with all the standard AR removals and such. Plunger tubes epoxied together and plunger nested and fitted together. Eventually I drilled and inserted two very small screws into the overlap area for the plunger so that it could handle the pull stress of the extra spring. To allow for the trigger to work I just cut down the rear trigger plate and attached it to the forward one with a bit of metal bracket, works beautifully.

Posted Image

External shot. Yes, those are Popsicle sticks used for exterior reinforcement. They fit nicely into the dremeled out NERF medallions and helped hold it together for later epoxy putty reinforcement. I was worried that since most of the draw stress would be on the rear portion of the gun, it might rip off the back end. That's a little micro Maglite up front to replace the craptastic normal NF light. Just for shits and giggles.

Posted Image

After making sure the proof of concept worked, I cut down and replaced the barrel end with a crayola marker breech mod. As stated it cut range, so I reshaped it to just be a nice bed for the dart. Also shown is the PVC barrel extension and an exterior barrel shroud for cosmetic purposes.

Posted Image

Put together with full draw shown. Was a difficult process with lots of gluing and regluing to plug up air leaks and reinforcing. I stupidly epoxied the plunger completely together for reinforcement and had to cut it up to remove and alter springs. The pull ring on the back is actually only attached with a long screw so i can take it on and off to change springs if I need too. Right now it's got a handyman spring up front and a standard NF spring behind it. Two beefy springs wouldn't compress enough to get the plunger to latch on the trigger.

With the two springs and the barrel it gets pretty nice ranges (averaged 85' after 10 shots.) Nothing Effeminate, but this was more an exercise in design and boredom than an attempt to make an insanely awesome gun. Still I like the overall shape of the gun and with some cosmetics and a paint job will look pretty nice. I'll update the thread with pics when I get done with the paint. Enjoy!

Yet Another Spring Question.

12 April 2008 - 03:11 PM

Finally got around to purchasing a second NF and I'm attempting something similar to the NF bow with the plunger tubes doubled up. Since the plunger itself is, by necessity, chopped up and reconstructed I'm a little worried about stresses tearing the internals apart with too tough a spring. Each NF spring compresses to 3cm and my chopped down Handyman spring I had in my original NF compresses down to about 4.5cm. Would it be more efficient to place both NF springs in the tube, sacrificing that 3cm of airspace, for the force of dual springs; or would using the single stronger spring with the (slightly) increased air capacity produce more force on the dart?

Thanks in advance guys.

Recon Shoulder Stock Rebuild With Spring Integration And Shotgun Mod.

04 February 2008 - 12:28 AM

Thanks in advance to DeceitfulSteve for his spring into stock idea and to analogkid for the internal spring compression trick. And of course to all those valiantly trying to figure out the best way to remove the darn air restrictor. Yes it was a pain to get out.

I liked the idea of using the stock to contain an extra spring, but I didn't like the length of the stock. Way too long in my opinion. I also didn't want to chop up the 'armed' plunger to allow for total compression of a shorter spring against the middle brace on the stock, though technically that last inch or so is vestigial. One Man Clan's original posting of the Recon showed the middle stock brace with a hole in it, supposedly for the 'armed' arm to fit in. So, idea. Though I have no version with an AR-15 spring to compare too, I suspect I'll still get a nice little bump on range using a smaller one at full compression. That and I like the shorter, more tactical stock.

Here's an initial picture of the materials. Already chopped up the later portion of the stock and left a bit hanging out the back of the middle brace so that I can have an attachment point for the shoulder stock. There's also a length of 3/4 inch PVC that I had to Dremel out a little so that it fit loosely over the extended plunger tube. Didn't take much. Make sure it doesn't stick anywhere, or obviously this doesn't work. The shorter length will go inside the mid-brace along with the smaller diameter piece which will go inside of that as an anti-kink guide for the compressing spring. Not certain if it really has any measurable effect, but I like to err on the side of caution.

Posted Image

Used epoxy putty to create a little nest for the tubes, make sure they're as centered as possible. The central one extends far enough out to keep the spring from rocking around too much in case it bounces out of the mid-brace after firing, but not far enough to touch the extended plunger tube. This is also a good indicator on whether or not a fully compressed spring will fit when the gun is cocked. The extra NF spring I had available fits just fine, and when I get a chance to replace it with a sturdier Handyman spring I'll see if i have to shave a little off the plunger tube or not. Making a sturdy base with the epoxy at the back screw keeps the spring compressing correctly.

Posted Image

Here's a shot of the mid-brace together and the spring inserted.

Posted Image

Now you can connect the chopped stock to the blaster and cock the gun so that the plunger acts as a guide to connect the large PVC; and if you Dremeled correctly, lining up perfectly with it. Here's a shot with some added epoxy supports. It slips on and off just fine and with the spring inserted makes a really nice 'thrum' when fired.

Posted Image

And a final shot with the shoulder stock reattached with some more epoxy ( god I love that stuff .) Just needs some cosmetic sanding and a coat of paint, and I have my new primary.

Posted Image

Within the next couple of days I'll be completing and posting the shotgun mod I've got worked out for the Recon too.

Hope this passes muster, more to come soon.

Nerf Grenades

22 November 2007 - 08:37 PM

A while back someone showed a nifty little trick about stuffing one of those foldable frisbees with darts and tossing the ball as a nerf "grenade." A lot of people seemed to like the idea but had no idea how to get the foldable frisbees as they're usually a promotional item and generally not for sale anywhere. Well I found a source and at $4.95 a pop, they're not terribly expensive. So here's that in case anyone was interested.


And hey, Steven Colbert's got one. Shouldn't you?