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You Might Be An Aussie Nerfer If...

03 November 2008 - 03:17 AM

So a fellow Nerfer and I compiled this list today.
It really only applies to Aussie Nerfers, but it's fairly entertaining. Enjoy.
Oh yeah, and actually most of this has happened with us. Haha

You might be an Aussie Nerfer if…

- You’ve ever killed a spider that’s bigger than the gun you killed it with
- You killed that spider with a Titan
- The spider fought back with an NF.
- Your local Kmart thinks you’re a really crap fisherman
- When you talk to American Nerfers, you tell them you have a trained Kangaroo that collects ammo for you in the heat of battle
- You got a headshot at over 60m
- Because of the deficiency of Nerf blasters in stores, you pretended to be a Magstrike
- The best modification for a RFR involves a hammer
- You wonder why the FBR you left in the sun to straighten is trying to bite you
- You’re immune to snake bites from retrieving darts lost in bushes
- You clean your cuts and scrapes with Beer. Water is a precious thing.
- You drank said beer after.
- You fired a Stefan through a beehive.
- The scars are still there.
- You can no longer use Hot Glue to hold anything together. It will melt.
- More than one gun has melted during prime Nerf season.
- You make random people Nerf with you.
- You know who made a Stefan by looking at it.
- Your excuse for buying Nerf guns from America is “So I can fend off the Drop-bears”
- A Dingo took your Crossbow…
- You use the cracks in the dry ground as cover.
- After extensive use of the RF20, you must cool it down with water. Or beer, if you’re not a millionaire.
- You Nerf while wearing thongs. The kind that is not underwear.
- You wear a Stefan Hat as opposed to a Cork Hat.
- Your stubby holder is made out of FBR.
- You did a drive-by from a XB Falcon. Aka Mad Max’s Interceptor. Aka Road Warrior.
- You did a drive-by from a Commodore.
- You use Vegemite as war paint.
- You have a tattoo of a Kangaroo with a Crossbow in its pouch. This is called the Southern Cross.
- It’s a FUIC Or it’s nothing.
- You know what I just said. And live by that philosophy.
- When a member of the opposing team is “built like a brick shit-house” that just means they’re a bigger target to hit.
- People are surprised when they are hit in the face with a titan rocket moments after commenting on you having an English accent.
- Or asking if you were related to a convict.
- Or a New Zealander
- Or if you have indoor plumbing
- Or if you have a pet kangaroo
- Or say they’re from “Radelaide”
- Then ask where you got that Titan
- You get excited when you think you see a SuperMAXX at a garage sale but were disappointed when you found out it’s a super soaker.
- “SuperMAXX” was in your MS Word dictionary already.
- The local Lyre Birds sound like PowerClips
- When you find darts the day after a war, they’re full of ants.
- You re-use the darts anyway, what’s a little extra pain?
- When someone gets shot and complains that it hurts, you reply by saying “Take two shots of concrete mate”.
- You then force them to skull a full can of VB
- You mistook a white foam Stefan for a witchetty grub during an endurance war.
- Going for a war "down the street" means you may actually be a few suburbs away
- You love caining noobs with your fully sick foam boomerang
- The local park rangers think that stefans are the droppings of some unknown introduced species.
- You showed up to a war in full camouflage fatigues
- You use plumbing materials to make a homemade rather than for something illegal, like watering the garden.
- The local fuzz are still having fun with your home-made
- You were willingly shot it the genitals with a titan, you think you should quit drinking…so much.
- You fired fire-cracker stefans out of a cross bow.
- you considered making a movie of Ned Kelly’s life but with nerf instead.
- You’ve spent AU$400 or more on importing nerf guns.
- You made a nerf grenade out of a cooper’s bottle
- You see parties as opportunities to mass produce it.
- Hot glue is liquefied before the gun is even plugged in
- You wrapped a PowerClip, splitfire, SuperMAXX 750 and more in camo duct tape.
- You lost those guns the next day.
- You have fired many things that the gun wasn’t supposed to including, snails, cockroaches crickets, grasshoppers, gum nuts, batteries of varying sizes, tennis balls, cricket balls, small lizards and the neighbour’s son.
- You made a loudener for the scout
- You were a member of the AusNerf forum
- You use your High School teacher’s photos as avatars
- You use a Foam Cricket bat as a Melee weapon in wars

[aus] Nerf War; Adelaide

29 October 2008 - 01:17 AM

Hey guys,
The season is upon us for a Nerf meet!

We've got a small skirmish planned for this weekend November 1st. Meeting at 11am, having lunch, starting war between like 12 and 1. Or just turn up in time for the war. It's not going to be anything fancy, just a meet.
The war will be situated East of Adelaide, near Magil/Tranmere.
If you're interested in more details, PM me I'll let you know!

Also, since this is the time of year where students are doing their Year 12 Exams, we're planning another bigger, more organised war for after exams have officially finished. (Could someone let me know when that actually is? lol :lol: ) It just makes it easier on everyone.

I'd like to get some interest in this post-exam SAUNA war (simply means South Australian Underground Nerf Association) to see exactly how well I can plan it, there's a possibility of a BBQ lunch or tea, maybe even carry on into the night if we can find somewhere with lights, we'll see.

So yeah, post here, PM me or whatever, I just need interest. I'm coordinating this alongside AJ.


Cleaning Products

16 December 2007 - 05:02 AM

Hey guys, it's been a while.

So recently while performing routine maintenance on my Nerf blasters, I've noticed a few barrels needed to be reattached. I secured said barrels using epoxy glue.

My question to you is, what products do you use to clean your skin or your work area of fresh and cured epoxy and other adhesives?

My biggest concern is the products on my skin, I mean I know it'll go away eventually, but I'm both impatient and I prefer my skin to be clean of adhesives so I don't get it all over my projects!

I usually use Methylated spirits for my cleaning, or Acetone (Nail polish remover), but epoxy is a stubborn one.



My Longshot Modifications (56k Beware)

17 September 2006 - 06:40 AM

Recenlty I came upon some problems with my Longshot. These included:
- Stefans would flip in the magazine
- There was a bad seal between barrel and bolt
- There was barely a barrel
- It was generally crap

So I decided to do something about the performance of my new $120 toy. Most of these modifications I have not seen or have been reported.
Here is a list of the modifications I performed, with a brief description, going into detail later:

>>AR Removal - Just like Carrtoon did with his
>>Plunger seal improval - Simple but effective
>>Spring replacement - Maxshot spring as per Piney's recommendation
>>Bolt seal improvement - And no dodgy holt glue seals!
>>Replaced the barrel - Aluminium is the new PVC...but not...
>>Modified the Magazine - Now accepts Stefans in a friendly manner

Plunger seal improval
This one was fairly simple.
- I lubed up the immediate inside of the plunger tube
- Applied excessive amount of hot glue around the plunger head after the face but before the O-ring
- While the glue was stil hot I placed it into the plunger tube so the glue would take shape.
- I removed the plunger and removed the excess glue; a better seal is made!

Spring Replacement
Those of you who have been keeping track with Carrtoon's Longshot Mod thread would know that Pineapple replaced his Longshot's stiok spring with a Maxshot spring adding that he stretched it. We did in fact need to stretch it; the spring was a few milimetres too short - it would rattle loosely on the plunger rod. So I stretched the spring from the only good condition Maxshot I had (I hate those things anyway) to maybe a half inch longer, maybe more, than the length of the stock spring. This increased the performance a singificant amount. It's not much louder than the stock springs with the AR's removed but feels more solid and kinda sounds like my BBB.

Bolt seal improvement and Barrel replacement
This is where my modification gets interesting. I actually had to do these modifications simultaneously - if I didn't do either one of the modifications, it would have half its performance as opposed to the double. I'll start with the barrel - it's not much, but it's significant in terms of performance.
Most of my barrels are pretty much Aluminium or 9/16" K&S Brass tube. Since brass costs $8.50 per foot and Aluminium $4.50 per metre (>3 ft.), I only buy Brass if I want to increase the reselling value of a blaster of if precision is of importance. The aluminium I buy is 1mx16mmx1mm, so the ID is 14mm or .55" - this fits my Stefans perfectly and will occasionally shoot a CTDS.
The almunium is durable, lightweight and cost effective.
During this modification, I didn't have any Aluminium so I 'borrowed' the Al out of a spare Universal Barrel I have for my Xbow, BBB, AT3k etc; I had labeled this barrel 9" but it is more like 9 1/4". Looking on it now, 10" would do just fine - 11" would be pushing it.
Posted Image

To add the Al barrel, I had to remove that dart-hindering-spring-loaded-prong thing sticking into the breech - this pushes a Streamline dart into the bolt/barrel when the gun is stock.
I applied < (one barrel circumference) length of tape to one end of the barrel and pushed it into the empty, disassembled breech. so it would stay there. I knifed a chamfer into the breech end of the barrel so darts could load easier.
Posted Image
(Sorry for that difficult angle - I thought I took another one...)
Some might ask why the barrel is so far forward. My answer? Efficiency. But to get good efficiency I had to take a risk - to cut the front of the bolt off.
This picture shows the reduced bolt face with the new seal:
Posted Image
In refference to the picture:
1. This picture is actually of the first seal idea I used. The seal is a single (2mm - gets squashed to 1mm) layer of a circle of craft foam sheet; the same stuff use in Zero darts. To cut the circle I made a cookie cutter with a scrap of the 16mm Al and some 10mm Al.
The next and last time I did it, I used two layers. This was much more efficient. The first layer was a circle of 1mm clear Vinyl sheet followed by the second layer of craft foam. This vinyl is the stuff used in temporary windows ie tents. This seal is much better than the former. If anyone was to perform this modification, I would recommend a layer of neoprene instead of foam, purely for longevity. Craft foam is just as good, but you'll need to replace it after a while.

One important thing that made a difference in the seal was the glue I used. I used super glue instead of hot glue since hot glue would come off of the bolt face after a bit of use.

To conclude coverage of the seal: I recommend using Super Glue, not Hot Glue and Neoprene instead of Craft foam.

2. I only cut to what I would call the extractor - the only part of the bolt that comes into contact with the dart to strip it from the magazine. that is as far as I cut it to. Any further than that and things would get difficult.
To apply the seal properly I had to cut a recess into that nub above the bolt there. This is so that the wall thickness is essentially the same the way around thus a more consistant seal and so that this nub could fit over the aluminium barrel and not get stuck on it.

Again, some of you might ask why I cut it down in the first place since Carrtoon didn't need to. Here's my answer:
Posted Image
What that blue/yellow arrow is pointing to is a gap. This gap is not big enough for the tang on the bolt to fit over/around. This is because of the OD of the aluminium. Though with a smaller OD the seal would be more difficult to accomplish.

Even if anyone used a different barrel type (ie CPVC or Brass - Yes CPVC does fit through the stock barrel. Hint: The CPVC you have in the U.S. has the same OD as my Aluminium.) I would still recommend a modification like I have done.
More pics of the bolt and barrel:
Bolt in the gun, assembled, bolt open
Bolt almost closed into the breach

I think that's all for the bolt and seal.

Magazine modification
This one is unique in all aspects.
To allow these magazines to work with short stefans without jamming, I had to modifiy them. The modification didn't invlove much that could potentially harm the performance of magazines if the mod was not succesful, but it could be reverted to stock if necessary.

The first thing I did was unscrew those two screws at the bottom of the magazine and literally rip the welded. I actually started with prying the button out on one side, but the other was still glued shut worse. sides open. You could cut it with a Dremel's Cut-Off wheel if you wanted it to be really neat, but you'd only have to super glue it together. I super glued mine anyway.

So, once I got the magazine open I marked 1-3/4" from the (directional arrow) front of the magazine. This is the maximum length of a Stefan I would be using. After that, I cut a straight strip of 4mm Acrylic sheet to 4mm wide - a rectangualar prism essentially. I superglued this strip next to the line, but made sure it was absolutely parrallel with the magazine walls.
Posted Image

The next thing I did was reinforce the magazine's follower with two layers of acrylic and then cut a 4.5mm groove into the side of the follower. I cut the grooves in the follower slightly bigger than the dimensions of the acrylic so it wouldn't jam in the acrylic insert if it tilted. I did these things to both sides of the magazine pieces.

This is harder to explain now that I'm getting tired, but this picture should wrap it up:
Posted Image

This modification prevents the darts from sliding back in the magazine as the bolt moves, thus letting them flip in the magazine. This also makes the darts more stable while in the magazine.

Posted ImagePosted Image
Here are some more pictures of the magazine modification.
If you try this mod, don't do it differently like this This was my first idea, but it kept jamming since the follower was too short. I did fix it though.
Comparison of a stock and modified magzine

To make a generalisation of this modification, I would say that it was all well worth it.
Ranges are consistant with my modified Crossbow, if not better and I think it may have better force too.\
So it would be safe to say I can consistantly get >100' with these modifications.
One thing I should say though, Stefan weights are a big factor in the performance of the Longshot - 1/4" BBs are best.

That's all I can say about my Longshot for now.
Are there any questions about a particular part of this modification?

Thanks, and please enjoy,

Please Read: Spherical Ammo.

05 January 2006 - 10:16 PM

So, I'm trying to get rid of Stefans. Well, I'm trying to stop using them.
(Smoking ad: Quit stefans, while you still can.)
I thought of using ball ammo, like Paintball and airsoft do.
I got a Stress ball from somewhere somehow and I thought they'd be good Nerf ammo if they were smaller.

So, I'm ordering custom made Stress balls.The size of 14mm. I'm going to go ahead with this order unless I can find another cheap source of Rubberised foam balls like this in any size less than 3/4" and more than 1/4".

Advantages of Ball ammo in Nerf-type blasters:
-Hop-up systems can be installed
-More versatility in homemade designs and concepts
-More aerodynamic than cylindrical ammo
-Colours - easier to find
-More consistant size
-May bounce off targets, fun fun fun!
-Soft foam of the ball will mean less pain upon impact and better seal in the barrel

Disadvantages of Ball ammo in Nerf-type blasters:
-Barrel and loading system conversions may be effortful
-May bounce off of targets, may result in loss of ammo
-Will only work in some modified stock barrels, will work best in extruded tube materials.

What I need from YOU
Since the minimum order on such a custom product is something like 4000, I NEED to know if people will buy these. I think the cost may be 25c a piece, but we'll see what the cost is.

-Will you buy these?
= How much are you willing to pay?
-= Would you pre-pay towards the manufacture cost?
= How many would you buy at once?

The standard manufacture process includes a one-colour print on it. Not having a print on the balls will not lower the price.

-Should I get a print?
= What should the print be?
-What should the size of the ball be?
-What colour should the balls be? (No pink or metallic, yellow is standard colour)
= Multiple colours? ie Red balls and blue balls?

-Do you know of any products with a similar? (NOT reusable paintballs)
= Are they easily available?
= Come in decent quantity?
= Decent price?
= Decent quality?

I'm just basically looking for an alternative ammunition, prefferably spherical.

NOTE:If the the manufacturer will allow it, I will request a sample box of the balls, and I'll send them off to those most interested for a review and product test.

If you can help me out that'd be great. Suggestions, questions and answers allowed. Telling me to airsoft or paintball, just stick with nerf darts or use paintballs is bad.

Thank you,