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14 June 2005 - 10:41 AM

-EDIT- Here's a write up! http://www.freewebs....fs.htm#54854309

Userjjb did a single barrel tek6 mod, this inspired me to go ahead and do that to my tek10. (Reference to single barrel mod: http://nerfhaven.com...?showtopic=4533 )

I have tried to mod the turret on my tek10, after replacing the barrels with some pvc and tried it out: Nothing, the darts didn't even come out of the barrels. So I decided it was time to give up on it and just go ahead and singlebarrel it.

Here's a picture of my failed turret:

Posted Image

I had a problem with singlebarreling a nerfgun with 10 quickshots.
So I decided to go the distance and try something outrageous.
I shotgun modded my tek10 by putting the trigger in a different position.
It actually works as a shotgun, because I put the cocking handle on the bottem. You hold it like a shotgun, and prime it like a shotgun. It only shoots one dart at a time.

Here's an original tek10:

Posted Image

And here's my newly shotgun modded tek10:

Posted Image

I call it the TekShotgun

Posted Image


12 June 2005 - 07:34 AM

Here's a my completely modified Supermaxx 3000
Posted Image

Here's the write-up for it:

Ranges: 60-65 ft. score: 8/10
ROF: Stinkin' awesome : score: 9/10
Reliability: pumping fast => skipping : score: 5/10
Coolness factor: I love this thing. : score: 9/10
Sturdiness: These guns tend to feel slightly flimsy : score: 6/10
stock-mod: The difference between this gun stock and modified is amazing: score: 8/10

Secret Shot Modē

24 April 2005 - 02:31 PM

Here's my double barreled secret shot, I liked the look of two barrels better than 3, plus I botched up my last triple barrel mod, I didn't want to mess with it.
Posted Image

A front view: the 2 barrels with darts in them.

Posted Image

Mp5 Nite Finder

29 March 2005 - 10:44 AM

Okay, I've changed quite a bit.
-Changed the grip to look more like an MP5.
-Found a way to put a stock on it.
-Had to change the cocking mechanism for the stock, added a "scope".
Basically I changed everything.
Posted Image
Like before: the grip comes off so I can reload. And the "scope" can click off. (I made the gripmovement smoother)
Posted Image
Here's my Nite Finder team:
Posted Image
A closer look at the new cocking mechanism. This thing was a right jerk. I had to take it apart 3 times to get it to work properly, once the catchspring jumped out and got lost, next the plunger was in sideways, and next the replacement spring was too big so it didn't shoot.
Posted Image

I've had a lot of fun doing this, everything is very sturdy, the scope is just for looks, it's not even a scope, the cockermechanism gave me a headache... but yeah, it feels really cool.

By the way: the PVC on top doesn't look that crooked in real life. It looks kind of weird in the pictures.

The Mp5 Nite Finder Navy.

23 March 2005 - 01:36 PM

I had another extra NIte Finder, I like MP5's, so I made the MP5 Nite Finder:
Posted Image
The whole grip part comes off so I can load the dart:
Posted Image
I've been thinking of a way to put a "but" on it, but it's going to be hard with the cocker there.

Anyways, just felt like doing another cosmetic mod, I've always liked the MP5 since I started playing counter-strike, so... yeah. What do you think ?

-O, and (edited after reading below post) all my NF's get ranges between 55 and 70 ft. I'm not sure yet if I'm going to paint it.