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Good News And Bad News

29 July 2005 - 08:59 PM

Bad news first: I have been all over Florida and still no sign of DTBs or Fireflys.

The very good news (not sure if this has been discovered or not): I went to target, and found 10 packs of double AT2k packs, the norm. But then I stumbled upon the price tag. $4.98!!!!!!! Thats 2 dollars and 49 cents a gun! I think this is Nerf's best value yet. I bought 5 packs. 10 guns for less than 25? Good deal, good deal

"the Twins"

02 June 2005 - 03:58 PM

So far, the modifications have been completed, now I am on search for 2 more things. I am getting paint, for their paintjobs, and I am going to need 2 LnL holsters. Could you help me out with this, I am not to good at making them, I tried before, but I will pay for 2 that fit a Lnl perfectly. And no, the Twins aren't just the LnL's. This project is for nostalgia purposes mainly, but I hope you will all like it. Once finished, I will contribute to the "Show me what you got" thread.

The second thing I am looking for is brass. I desperately need 9/16's and 17/32's brass sizes. Any amount will do fine, as I have check many of my hardware stores and none have had it in stock, nor had the correct sizes.

Oh, and along with beauty, this mod will include integrations aswell.

Stefan Weighting

29 April 2005 - 04:05 PM

With me, I am not patient, I fire, reload, prime, and fire again, no time to spare inbetween. Looking between darts to find the right stefans takes to long.

Having multiple bags with stefan's of differant weight's and lengths is to cumbersome. I like to be agile.

What would be considered a "universal" stefan weight for most primary/secondary guns used? 1/4 steel shots are for more powerful guns, and copper bb's are considered for less powerful. What could be a more middle man weight, that could fire out of my NF/Maverick/LnL/TT well, but not fishtail from my SM5000/Xbow/BBB/etc.

Lightning Blitz Modification

15 April 2005 - 10:14 PM

And before anyone says it, I searched for the following terms:
Lightning Blitz
Lightnin' Blitz

And none of them returned what I wanted to see. On Yakmans, there is a mod, but it doesn't really go in-depth the barrels. I know how to modify it and everything.

Really, more than a mod tut., I am looking for ranges. What are the average ranges for a plugged pump, barrel replaced Lightning Blitz/Hailstorm.

Happy Birthday

30 March 2005 - 10:59 PM