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Remember Me?

14 July 2005 - 06:42 PM

Hey everyone, remember me?

I got my wisdom teeth out monday, so I've been spending all week surfing the net, figured I'd stop in and see what's up with my old sport.

How is everyone? Still doing Armageddon and all that jazz? Any hot new mods that the young bucks have thought up?

Sorry, I'm being weird. Painkillers and what not.

I haven't touched a nerf gun all summer. It's shocking, considering how much modding I did this winter, but none of my friends really are into it anymore, and I've found something else to consume my time/money.

Freestyle Watercross. Yeah, I got that SuperJet I was talking about before I left, and it's everything I hoped. I can do a few tricks, like bulldogs, fountains, 180s, tailstands, and subs. My new online haunt is PWCToday.

There was an event thrown together by the riders recently, big ride at my local lake. It was rad. See the video here.

Anyways, I was just saying hello. Hope all is well in the nerf world. One of these days I'm going ot become interested in a sport that isn't gasping for breath. And hey, if any of you are riding in GA, let me know. Maybe we can work out a game of nerf on skis. :mellow:

Freestyle Jetskis

25 February 2005 - 12:28 PM

Hey, I was just wondering if anyone rode jetskis freestlye.
Im getting into the sport this year, going to buy a Yamaha Superjet. Already been talking to a few people who ride in my area. I can't wait for spring break. ;)

Dremel Problems

29 January 2005 - 02:20 PM

Ok, Im sure you all know how to get the bits out of a dremel. You hold that button on the side and use a wrench to loosten the tip. Well, I think the peice that the button latches to broke on mine. No matter how hard I hold the button the peice that its holding always pops loose.

I was just wondering if anyone had any tips for loostening the tip or how to fix it.


I opened it up, and the way it works is there are two holes in the cylinder that the button pokes into, and they have somehow gotten stripped a little. Oh well, I wonder what the warranty on these things is like.

For Any Shaolin Soccer Fans

12 January 2005 - 04:16 PM

Kung Fu Hustle. Looks like it will definitely be on my to-see list.

And luckily Disney wont get their hands on this one.


Happy Birthdays

12 January 2005 - 01:48 PM

w00t! ^_^