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Classic Video Game Music.

14 August 2004 - 09:38 AM

Has anybody ever been to Ocremix.org? It's a site with lots of old school gaming music remixed. Check it out if you've got nothing better to do.

How Cool Is This..?

27 February 2003 - 08:35 PM

Recently a friend of mine from a nearby governor's school had to do a pretty large science fair project. When he came up to me to ask for help, I was surprised by what he said when I asked what it was gonna be about.

"Nerf!" He replied. The title of his project was: The Effect of Barrel Length Modification on the Projectile Motion of a Nerf Dart. (Really long, huh?)
His description: I used different barrel lengths on a modified Nerf Crossbow and fired multiple shots horizontally in projectile motion, and measured flight time, length, and accuracy.

The only way I helped him was by letting him borrow my crossbow, a single dart, changing the barrels on it when needed, and helping to measure in each trial.
Of course the dart type can effect performance, yatta.. but this wasn't meant to be super in-depth.
I had a chance to go into the classroom and look at some of the projects other people were working on.. There was some pretty tough competition- one group of three people were working on a fully functional robot that looked like it came straight out of robot wars, another person was working on this big experiment with sound waves (long story) etc..

ANYWAY, onto the climax.. the result of the project? 2nd place....!! I was really happy to see his success, I was glad that the teachers didn't think he was just some kind of gun-nut, and I was thrilled to see people so interested in his Nerf-based project! Alot of people were simply fascinated by the fact that nerf guns could be modified to achieve better distance. It went really well.. He said he's going to have a website up on it soon, which you can expect me to post up soon. Overall, wicked!