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24 July 2006 - 06:28 AM

There is a difference in size between the balls I have for my 2 Blast-a-Matics and the balls that came with my Supermaxx 5000. Not much difference, but one is larger (I forget which). Though, thinking about it, this may be because I've had the 2 B-A-M's since 1990 and have used them a lot....perhaps the balls have expanded over time?

I have a few bits of ammo that you don't have on your list yet, I'll take some pics asap and send them to you.

Oh, quick question as well - what guns came with the yellow with black tip mega darts? I have some in my ammo box but don't ever remember seeing them come with any of my guns...

In Topic: Looking For A Complete Checklist

23 July 2006 - 08:32 AM

Wild Boys: What I meant about the box displaying the gun inside of it was boxes like the Maverick or Nite Finder with the guns still in their packages. I am primarily looking for pictures of the guns themselves. All of the guns you listed I have already. Take a look at my PhotoBucket account as see what I mean.

Badger's PhotoBucket---Click on Ultimate Nerf Checklist

As for the ammo concern, I was thinking of doing that as well. Gods know I have plenty of darts and rings. That will be next on my list. The guns first though because, it is the harder task to complete.

EDIT: Thanks SG, that is exactly what I want. A picture of an unmodified gun. This will help.

You don't have to shut up.

With regards to ammo, I can provide pics of some of the slighty rarer bits of ammo from the old days. Let me know if you need old balls (the type that came in the Blast-a-Matic, slightly different size to the later models), black Larami's (before Supermaxx became Nerf) and yellow Larami's (came with older SM5000, not sure what else), Arrowstorm Arrows (yellow with black fins iirc), Larami arrows (black with pink fins), NB-1 arrows (mini black with blue fins), Sharpshooter 1 darts (not 100% if I still have any) and possibly more.

Ah, those black Larami darts were the dogs bollocks, I use to use them in every gun. So damn accurate and powerful.

In Topic: Looking For A Complete Checklist

12 July 2006 - 09:30 AM

Never could get my hands on one. My main criteria for buying a gun for my collection is:

1) Not modified in any way.

2) Has all of the origianl parts. Ammo is not a part of this unless the ammo is unique to the gun.

3) The gun needs to be functional.

I just got myself a Sawtooth a couple of months ago. I would have had one sooner, but every other one I saw was either missing the shoulder stock, the scope/barrel, the clips, or any combination of the above. Being a collector sucks sometimes.

By the way, Orange, I am officially asking you if I may use your pictures for this list.

I'd offer to sell you mine as I don't use my guns anymore, but unfortunatly its modified and the air tank needs a leak patched up. Still a great gun though, one of my favourites.

In Topic: Looking For A Complete Checklist

12 July 2006 - 04:36 AM

Think there's one or 2 pics I could help you out with there. Actually kinda suprised you don't own a Supermaxx 5000...any reason? Its a great gun.

In Topic: Looking For A Complete Checklist

11 July 2006 - 08:26 AM

Sorry to go a bit off topic, but does anyone remember that dude who posted those pics he had of basically an entire room full of guns a few years back? Literally, cupboards and drawers full of guns, guns hanging from the ceiling, and more. I'm pretty sure he said that him and his family essentially collected them. I think this was posted on Nerf Online, though it could have been sent round on the NerfList...my memory is a little hazey :) Just reading this topic I had a sudden image of seeing like 6 Arrowstorms hanging from a rack next to 5 or 6 x-bows. It was quite a sight!

Anyway, with regards to the topic, sounds like an excellent idea mate. Might I suggest that someone perhaps hosts a wiki (if you're stuck, I might have some space on one of my hosting accounts) so that everyone can easily contribute to the list. I'd be happy to lend a hand, though I haven't been involved with the community or Nerf itself for a numbers of years so my knowledge would mainly be limited to the older stuff :)