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Posted 23 January 2003 - 11:14 PM

The urge to make some homosexual remark is almost too much to handel.  But I will contain my self.  As for pants gotta say that flanel, at the most.  But the kilt is kinda appealing... depending on where its aquired.  And the best place to get one, you ask?  why a cathloic school girl!(I realize that the maturity of this post is declining fast, and so I will stop.)

You perverted sicko :blink:. Anyway, my favorite pop is cream soda.

sorry cxwq, I just wanted to use that picture.
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Do you have the papers...?
No, but I have a big [BLEEP] gun. That's good enough for me!
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If anyone was wondering, I'm RoboNerfer from NO. And I'm U.n.c.u.T.! on NerfHQ.

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