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Damn Those French!

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#26 taita cakes

taita cakes


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Posted 12 July 2006 - 02:53 AM

Nore does someone have the right to say such things to someone. When you say things like that, you're asking for it. Keep in mind this comming from a very passive person when it comes to things like this.


America didn't have to declare war on Japan when they bombed Pearl Harbour. Did they?
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Posted 13 July 2006 - 03:23 PM

I now understand why cx hates the french. The nerve of zidane. I'm glad they lost the world cup. If you don't know what I'm talking about just watch this video.

Okay, seriously, that was probablly the dumbest thing I've ever heard someone say. Do you even know what happened? Were you there? Uh, yeah, didn't think so.

I'm may be a soccer fan myself, but a lot of my friends are hardcore soccer fans. Steve Ewald, a guy that a lot of people on these boards know and like, and I happened to be talking about this same thing maybe a day ago. He had been looking into the subject, and word is, that Matterazzi called Zidane's mother a dirty whore. Zidane reacted because his mother was seriously ill these few days so it was something really personal and emotional. Zidane didn't comment if this was the accurate response, but his teamates suggested it was completely true.

Then again, that was just one view, Zidane's and his team's.

I mean, hell, maybe he just wanted to headbutt someone, and ruin the end of his amazing career because he sure as hell knew he'd get a red card after all those years of playing. But I doubt it.

Zidane had been extrememly calm and nice throughout pretty much his entire career as a soccer player, but everyone has there breaking points. He was a good player, and from the view point of wanting to win, Italy's decision to taunt him (as they had actually done earlier in the game on the field) was a good idea. Not really good sportsmanship, but when it gets to the world cup, sportsmanship sort of leaves, and people just want to win.

Now this is by no means defending the french, because I like some and hate the rest.

But classifying one act as base of your hate, classifies you as a fucking retard. Especially when there's no way to prove what happened. The only thing's you can take into consideration are the following:

1. Zidane was a threat, he was the best player.
2. Zidane has never acted in such a thoughtless manner before.
3. Italy knew he was a threat, and wanted to minimize the threat.

Until you know, shut the hell up, because that was completely uncalled for.

Wow, that was the lamest hit I have ever seen. Amatuer Hockey players hit harder then that. Who headbutts a guy in the chest?

Of course Amateur Hockey hits harder, they have pads, they try to hit people to knock them down. That's a game of strength. Soccer is speed, that's why there isn't hitting or pads, it's about maneuvering around people. And getting headbutted from a soccer player would be extremely painful actually, if they can headbutt

How do you fall flat on your back from a headbutt? Seriously I'd love some of these socccer players to go into the NFL.....

I'd love to see the NFL go into soccer, and fall flat on ther backs from trying to maneuver as fast as soccer players.

My friends team needed someone to play soccer for there team and I played. I was actually good but didn't like it at all. I just got the ball and ran straight into defenders. DOn't even say soccer is physical, it isn't. If I were to leave my soccer carreer and some idiot on th other team was giving me crap, I would have just hit him in the face, mainly because I have never headbutted someone else...

I repeat, it's about speed and maneuverability, not physical strength, though kicking and heading the ball do require that in good measure. Of course, I guess sprinting around for almost an hour and a half isn't phsycial at all. Sarcasm intended.

However, that doesn't give you the right to headbutt someone in the chest.

You're right of course. But then again, it also doesn't give the right to shoot them in the chest which is what happens to most people in such arguments. I'd rather take the headbutt, kthxbie.

I'd love for the information to be either correct, or have more then one source next time. Because all I've seen so far is bullshit slandering from people that seem to have no idea what they're talking about. I only used one source, yes, but that was an example. But I also listed reasons why what happened happened. You just assumed, which makes an ass out of u and me. <3.

Have a snazzy day.

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