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Dart Taggers Refil Reveiw

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#1 stanpig



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Posted 08 August 2005 - 07:42 PM

Recently I picked up a set of the dart tag darts which are much cheaper than the other stock darts at $7.43 for 30 of them, when I shot them out of my nite finder with the basic air restrictor and peg mods I got these ranges (note: my nite finder sucks):

My craptastic stefans: 45 feet
Dart tag darts: 43 feet
Normal suction cup stock darts (the ones that came with the nf): 21 feet

Over all they outshoot the normal suction cup darts by far, and have very similar ranges as the stefans. I also find the pouch that they came in quite usefull -_-. All in all I really like and recommend them.

By the way dont try and peel off the velcro I tried and after about 10 minutes gave up.
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#2 Uncle Hammer

Uncle Hammer


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Posted 08 August 2005 - 07:44 PM

My craptastic stefans

There in which lies why your stock darts almsot outshot your stefans.
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