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Finding One's Arsenal

July 21, 2003

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Posted 22 March 2005 - 12:36 PM

Finding One's Arsenal

The Nerf toy line has given our community a wide assortment of different guns. There are multi-shot, single shot, automatic, pistols, and even ball guns. To a new Nerf warrior, this list of choices can be quite intimidating. Instinct says to pick the guns of the “veterans.”#1 The question is does this method really work? I entered the community in the days when a kid would pay over eighty dollars on E-Bay for a crossbow. Excuse me, but that’s moronic.

The beauty of Nerf is there is a gun for almost anyone. Just because Evil Angel, Sandman, or Vacc uses a certain gun, doesn’t mean it’s right for you. We all have different playing styles, different body types, and varying athletic abilities (it does take some type of physical conditioning to dominate the field). Why on earth would we all need to use a crossbow? Some of us would benefit from something else. That is why experimenting is this best thing for any new warrior. Chances are that you have some of your friends involved at this stage too. My suggestion is to have everyone buy a different type of gun and switch them off during battles. After a few wars everyone will figure out what works for them. This allows for you to nerf with your friends, while finding the guns and styles that work out for you.

Some of us tend to collect a large number of guns, while other tend to work with only a few guns. My own inhibitions tell me to work with only a few guns, while others in my clan have more than ten in their arsenals. The number is up to you and your playing style. If you are going to collect a rather large arsenal, make sure to diversify it.#2 Choices are always a good thing. You may be one of the types that enjoy carrying a side arm in addition to your primary weapon.

Nerf is what you make of it. There are endless decisions in front of you playing styles, integrations, combinations, playing fields, clans/teams, and modifications. Make sure you make it your own, not an idolization of someone else or their arsenal.

The Infinite Shindig

#1. I use that term loosely because there is no set definition of a veteran in the NIC

#2. God, that sounds like a mutual fund commercial.
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