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Where Does Nerf Fit?

July 21, 2003

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Posted 22 March 2005 - 12:27 PM

Where Does Nerf Fit?

We live in a country that is dominated by so many side activities. These activities are as diverse as the people who participate in them. Nerf has its own place in my opinion. It sits in between work, school, sports, and my other activities. That is the beauty of Nerf; it has its own category for the most of us. We all love to do it, and it becomes a relaxing and non-stress activity.

For me, Nerf is a stress relief. There is nothing more amusing than chasing someone youíve known for ten years down a trail, because they donít want to get hit by a foam dart. There are no requirements for having fun in Nerf other than having some people to do it with, a gun, and some darts. There is no homework, no paperwork that needs to be filed, test that needs our attention, or the thousands of other things that we all do in our daily lives. I was just talking to some of my friends, and our lives in the summer consist of sports, sleep, and work with food squeezed in somewhere. That is the beauty of Nerf. It remains to be our relaxation one day out of the week. The day we war is nice because we can look forward to an afternoon where we donít have to worry about much of anything.

Nerf is so simplistic in concept, but it can mean so much to many of us. I would go crazy without some of form of activity where the rules flow with the attitude of the players. Itís what you make of it; the more time you want to put in, the more you get out, but itís fun either way. Thatís what this all about isnít it? Fun? Camaraderie?

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