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Are You An Old Nerfer?

Top Ten Ways to tell.

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#76 Ash



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Posted 17 April 2003 - 09:22 PM

Well, Tedman is prolly blowing shit up in Iraq...

Hmm, Felspar. Haven't heard from him in forever.
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#77 Ecks



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Posted 18 April 2003 - 12:57 AM

Tedman...yeah, wouldn't doubt he joined the Service and started killin' things.

Felspar? He's doin' well up in Canada. I talk to him occasionally...check out his site, ipaterson.ca. It's not bad, for a personal rantspace.

And, cxwq:
Don't get me wrong, man, the site rocks. I'm totally into the layout, and I'm speculating marvelously into how the backend code looks. PHP/mySQL? Perl/Flatfile like Hal's system? (I'd jack his code in a SECOND if it didn't bruise my pride so. ;) ) And the content delivers in a way I thoroughly enjoy. If my fiancee were not right here, I might even say it turns me on.

I'm not certain what it was about the listserv...it just seemed a little more close-knit. Here's the opinion and general banter of what was then just a group of guys that liked to Nerf, delivered fresh to my inbox whenever I decided to check. I'll never forget the feeling of sitting in front of my computer over summer break, waiting impatiently for AOL to download the 300 or so new emails, 283 of which were from cent.org.

So I suppose it'd be just that feeling. The Forums here provide the same content, basically, aside from a few refreshingly new faces.

That, and we were a lot stricter on our newbies in the day. ;) Hell, I remember catchin' the smackdown when I backtalked Vacc when I first joined up. They don't make verbal assrapings like that no'mo, nosireebob.
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#78 VACC


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Posted 18 April 2003 - 09:39 AM

SHIT...Spoon I totally deleted your post by accident. I dunno, I guess I was just jealous of your fame, sexual appeal, and hair. I clicked the wront button and it awaited no confirmation, just deleted it. At first I was sorry, but then I realized that I was probably only feeling remorseful because of my deep seeded feelings for you.

Anyway, nice to see you X. Fiancee? <sniffle> they grow up so fast<sniffle>, I wish Spoon was my fiancee. As for the whole list thing...man I was a bitch. Of course, I still AM a bitch....Seriously, I looked back at some of those posts and I must have been on some kind of halucinatory shit to say some of that stuff. Or maybe I was just latently retarded. For the record, I'm not sorry. Except concerning Spoon. I'm really sorry I ever called him bad names. Dude, I hope you stop by more often. I'll try not to delet Spoon's posts next time, I promise. Of course, by deleting them maybe he will lavish more attention on me. Attention that I so desperately crave.

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#79 cxwq



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Posted 18 April 2003 - 10:50 AM

I'm speculating marvelously into how the backend code looks.  PHP/mySQL?  Perl/Flatfile like Hal's system?  (I'd jack his code in a SECOND if it didn't bruise my pride so. ;) )  And the content delivers in a way I thoroughly enjoy.

The forums are InvisionBoard, powered by PHP/mySQL. Every single view is generated dynamically from stylesheets and the database, there are no html files in the whole forums directory.

The articles and comics are managed by MovableType which is Perl/mySQL. It generates static html files whenever a new article or comic is posted and handles all the archiving for us.

I'm currently re-writing a whole assload of the forum PHP code to implement a Slashdot-like karma system for ranking posts and people. Hope to have it done in a couple months.

Hope to see you around even though we won't fill your mailbox. ;)
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