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Evader flywheels are sounding wrong... Help!

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#1 Jumbo Pancake

Jumbo Pancake


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Posted 02 November 2018 - 10:41 AM


I was playing around with my evader earlier and suddenly the flywheels started sounding wrong. I figured the batteries were low, as they would discharge even faster as they are 1.2 volt rechargeables, so I got out some charged ones, and the same thing happened. I figured maybe I needed the standard 1.5 volt alkalines, do I got some of those, and it was still sounding off. Basically what's happening is that when fully spinning, the sound coming from the flywheels is a lower note than before. After rotating the blaster a few times, I figured out that when the battery tray, which is in the left side of the blaster, is facing up, the flywheel sound normal, but if the blaster is in any other position it sounds lower. I have no idea what's happening and I'm worried as I recently got it brand new, and it was working fine til now.

Any suggestions/fixes are appreciated.

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#2 Meaker VI

Meaker VI


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Posted 02 November 2018 - 02:23 PM

Is there a loose connection in there you can see? Do the batteries shift out of place when you move it? Does anything else shift?


A lower note would most likely mean slower flywheel speed.  It could be from a loose connection somewhere, or maybe that something is rubbing (though there'd likely be a different sound in there too if that was happening).


If it's brand-new and you don't intend to mod it, I'd just replace it and see if the next one does the same thing. If you intend to mod it, break out the iron and wire and fix that puppy up.

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