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WIP Tripple strike overhaul

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Posted 12 February 2018 - 11:13 AM

IMG_20180205_203537.jpg IMG_20180205_204633.jpg IMG_20180205_212629.jpg IMG_20180209_220620.jpg IMG_20180209_223819.jpg IMG_20180209_223844.jpg IMG_20180209_224058.jpg IMG_20180209_224124.jpg


... Sorry about the washed out photos. Those are gross looking.


My current WIP: overhauling a Triple strike. My nerfing group allows shields which encourages a broader range of ammo types (rockets break shields) so I've wanted an all in one blaster that can handle long range, short range and rockets, all available on demand on separate triggers. After much searching, I've settled on the tripple strike. The tanks are beastly, out performing both the big salvo and panther tanks I had in my parts bin.


Work done thus far: 

*Replaced the stock pump with a 16" bicycle frame pump. (Fills every thing in about 5-7 pumps)

*Scrapped the stock trigger manifold. 

scrapped a tank, integrated a SMDTG. Had to chop all 4 hoses and re coupler them to pass them through the shell, but I can stage 3 independent shots ergonomically. 

*Routed the 2 remaining TS tanks to blast buttons. (One behind the shaved down trigger (that will be the top primary tank), the other is zip tied on the right side, just above the trigger (that right tank will fire a rocket)

*Re-plumbed every thing. Soooo many quick connect fittings were used in the process. Each tank system has it's own check valve (the couplers with the pink ends) so they can vent/fire without firing the other systems as well. The single pump automatically routes air any empty tank systems. Surprisingly, the thing actually holds air!


Work remaining:

*Design a mag fed breech for the top tank. I could use a hopper, but my group favors full length darts. I'm hoping to design a breech that springs open after the tank fires (via a mechanical latch), and rig the pump to close the breech on the first pump stroke. That way, loading the next dart would be integrated with re pumping the tank instead of reloading as a separate action. 

*Stabilize the tanks. They have a little bit of wobble after gutting it. 

*design an enclosure to hide the rear plumbing. 


Once it's all done, theirs a small chance that I might actually feel motivated to paint the shell. I'm usually not much for aesthetics, but that chrome pump is dang gorgeous.

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