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Hyperfire electrical wiring failure! Need help

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#1 oleo23



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Posted 27 January 2018 - 08:02 PM

After spending too much time trying to finally wire up my hyperfire, I've decided to come here once again, and try to find an answer for my problems. I followed Make test battles video guide for wiring up a rapidstrike for this, and with a little guesstimation I've gotten this far. Right now when the flywheels are revved they are spinning in the right direction, and when the conveyor is working it's feeding in the right direction, wired as it is, the conveyor won't work unless the flywheels are revved. Thats how it's supposed to be, but when i pull the tigger for the conveyor, it shuts off the flywheel motors. Following MTB's video exactly made it so that the motors were spinning backwards, and the conveyor was going backwards.
These are the wiring steps i used to get this far.
1. Positive from the battery to the NO on the rev trigger
2. com on rev trigger to back flywheels
3. com on rev trigger to NO on conveyor trigger
4. com on conveyor trigger to top conveyor motor tab
5. Top conveyor motor tab to top row on flywheels
6. Bottom conveyor motor tab to NC on conveyor trigger
7. NC on conveyor trigger to negative on battery.
I'm still really new with modding, and this is the first electrical project that isn't a stryfe. I really appreciate all the help I've gotten here so far, and I can't wait to be able to show everyone everything that I've accomplished.

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#2 Frost999 flinging foam

Frost999 flinging foam


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Posted 27 January 2018 - 08:17 PM

I am working on a hyperfire and completed the wiring and here is what I did:
1. Positive battery terminal to positive on pusher
To positive on fly weell motors
2.negitive on battery terminal to negative on rev switch
3.positive on rev switch to negitive on fly wheel motors
4. Constant on rev switch to positive on pusher switch
5. Negitive on pusher switch to negitive on on pusher motor

 Your switches might not have constant so check if the constant turns off when the switch is activated, if so run the pusher and flywheels off different systems, for example:

1.positive battery to positive flywheels 

negative flywheels to switch 

3. switch to negative battery terminal

4.positive battery terminal to pusher 

negative pusher to switch

6.switch to negative battery terminal


But test your switches for positive and negative first. Good luck!

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#3 dvdmelancon25



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Posted 24 March 2018 - 03:21 PM

Is that the stock conveyor motor? If that's the case then it may be the amperage limiter is shutting off the flywheels, so there aren't enough amps to power the conveyor belt and the flywheels. 

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