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#1 Bryansuh



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Posted 21 October 2016 - 09:46 AM

Hello my name is Bryan and this is literally my first post. Sorry in advance if this is in violation of something but I'm pretty sure there is nothing against it.

So I have been nerfing for about 2 years on and off. Not really seriously just something to do when exams were over.

My first 'mod' failed miserably. I was like ''I'm pretty sure I don't need this'' and cut off half the plunger tube XD. The result was a broken retaliator and extra parts for my rampage. So after a few weeks I tried again with the rampage. I upped the trigger spring, enhanced the seals and doubled up on spring power. The result was a pretty beefy rampage. Next I modded darts. Basically I removed the rubber tips and put steel nuts in their places. They didn't have much range but they were super accurate and hard hitting. Sadly mom threw them out when we were moving.

So just a few days ago, I bought a jolt and a triad (nerf guns sell for 2 times the cost in offline stores in Korea...). When I got home I disassembled the jolt. I was like wut? There is nothing I can do. I didnt want to risk breaking it... so I added tape to the seals and that was it. The triad however... fired 2 darts at once. So I was ok with breaking it accidentally. But NOPE the gods decided that 2 of the screws needed hulk to loosen them... and I still haven't opened it...

Thanks for reading I'm excited to participate in this community. But a few questions:
1. Ultra high end air rifles. By which I mean the air rifles that shoots real bullets very far. Has anyone tried modded one of those or even shooting a nerf dart out of one?

2. What is the maximum recommended spring strength for a jolt? I mean I don't really think it can handle a cut [k26] or a ace 69 spring...

3. Has anyone used die springs or high load compression springs? The k47 has an insane 3700 rate constant, the high load compression springs can probably be stacked pretty easily. Might break the gun which is why I'm asking. Imagine a 200fps+ halo pistol.... dayum

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Posted 21 October 2016 - 01:20 PM

Oh man, you're so banned...

Or not.

Also, why would you put a steel nut on the tip of a dart?

IF you want pain, or are just a COD fanboy I have a place for 



If not, please stay and contribute!




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Posted 21 October 2016 - 02:49 PM


Hi Bryan.


Introductory posts are generally not preferred, but you did ask some questions, too, so I guess it's cool.


1. I'm really not sure about Jolt spring replacement, but sometimes a blaster will surprise you with what it can actually handle. According to this thread a [k26] won't fit but there is some debate as to whether an Ace 62 will destroy a Jolt.


2. I really don't know of anyone who has one of these high end air rifles you're talking about. They would probably need a barrel replacement and, if the "stock" caliber is small, it may not actually have the power to throw a larger projectile as far as you might think.


If you could get it to fire a dart, however, it would probably not fly very far, or very straight. Nerf darts (even homemade ones) aren't really made to be shot at 1000+ feet per second.


Anyway, welcome and enjoy.


PS: The steel nuts were almost certainly too heavy for a rampage, which is why they didn't fly far. Also, you should probably cover any metal on your darts with some sort of padding. You know, for safety's sake.




I feel like I act like a 2009 moderator with no powers...

And if you acted like that in 2009 you wouldn't have the power to post at all right now. The Code of Conduct does explicitly state "No back seat moderating." So knock it off.

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#4 Bryansuh



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Posted 21 October 2016 - 06:05 PM

The nut darts were only for a ''screw it, let's see what happens'' and of course I knew it was not going to fly very far. It was multiple times heavier than a normal dart after all. And safety? Like hell I was going to shoot someone and possibly get arrested XD.

One of the high end air rifles I was talking about comes in .50 cal. So it would be about the same size as a nerf dart, but heavier. Maybe a Stefan can fit in there. And the power is adjustable so it doesn't have to be 1000fps. But if a dart can't handle 1000 Fps, that brings up a different question, "what is the maximum speed a dart can achieve while still being accurate?''

I saw a video about a bike pump longstrike that claims 450+ fps. It was pretty accurate, also iambobololo's super soaker hydro cannon was also up there with the longstrike.
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