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Stryfe Mod - 3D Printed FWC

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Posted 21 August 2016 - 10:46 PM

I've had zero issues with hot glue holding micro switches. What happened to yours? Daniel (the head of the group, might have been able to help also)


I haven't had a problem using hot glue to hold in a microswitch either, as long as the I modified the shells so that they were both "sandwiching" the microswitch with the hot glue merely acting like something to hold it in place for the shells to do their work.

I took a look inside my Stryfe. The switch is slightly loose, but that isn't the problem. The problem is that I failed to secure a small plastic cover that guides the acceleration trigger. Without that cover the trigger will slip sideways (toward the camera) and fail to actuate the microswitch. I suppose I could put a blob of hot glue on the other side of the shell to press against that plastic cover to keep it from moving.


This project is a major ongoing learning experience. By replacing a relay with a microswitch, I learned that hot glue is questionable (that switch is loose, after all), and I learned that screw holes don't work after being cut in half. I am also learning how to use tools. Hollowing out the battery holder is the first time I ever used a Dremel. When I cut that brass rod, it was the first time I ever attempted to machine anything from metal, and the first time I ever used a hacksaw for a non-destructive purpose. (I have used a hacksaw before, twice to remove a padlock and once to cut a long metal object for disposal.) I feel like I am learning more from trying to modify a blaster in the first place than what I am learning from trying to make my own 3D-printed flywheel cage.

Meanwhile, by choosing not to repair my Stryfe at the war, I gained the opportunity to try a different loadout, which was a Strongarm and socks. Among many other things, I learned how a Strongarm can get jammed, I learned that my throw is an opportunity for improvement, and I am continuing to learn how to be effective in a Nerf war. So far, I am enjoying every aspect of my investment into Nerf and my hope is that I will just keep growing.

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Posted 22 August 2016 - 04:44 AM

Use a larger head screw and a washer one the back side should rescue that plate no problem. The thing is you could have flipped that switch 90 degrees and not had to cut the plate.

I will try and get a pic when I get home tonight of what I mean
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