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Are These Blasters Good For A Friendly Nerf War?

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#1 IAmKing



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Posted 07 June 2016 - 05:10 PM

I Didn't Know If This Were To Go In Nerf War Since It Isn't That Important


 Hello guys I just wanted to check if this is a good list of guns for a low budget nerf war


-N strike Rampage

-N Strike Styfe -Strongarm

-Jolt Team Pack

-Mega Magnus

-Modulus long range upgrade kit

-3 x 30 Elite dart refill pack

- Rebelle Diamondista (For my little sister)

The Budget is $300 so if you have any tips just say so!

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#2 The2ndBluesBro



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Posted 07 June 2016 - 06:26 PM

You've got a lot of variety which is nice. The elite darts are a bad idea because they cost a lot for what you get. Instead buy some of the many types of chinese knockoff darts listed in this thread. I don't know how you consider $300 a low budget. That's probably close to what I've spent on the hobby in general after 4 or so years. Look for buzz bee sentinels, our Walmarts carry them and it's the best place I've found to get them. They are great power for cheap and they are compatible with all darts and nerf clips. I would pass on the Jolt team pack and get a Doublestrike instead if you want a small form factor blaster for your pocket. The strongarm is a pretty good choice but also consider the hammershot, especially since there are 3D printed 7 dart cylinders available for purchase (although there are 9 dart ones for the strongarm too) and it's a bit sleeker overall and holsters better than the strongarm. Mainly, it can be primed one-handed which is a huge advantage. Also, if you are in the GTA come to our NIC war coming up on the 19th, link here. The mega magnus is the best choice for mega darts, but also consider the buzz bee tyrant. I believe it's on clearance at most walmarts.   

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#3 DjOnslaught



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Posted 08 June 2016 - 04:58 AM

The Tyrant is an amazing mega primary. Mega darts in the 12 clip makes for alot of shots. If it had a stock attachment it would be even better.
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#4 Snoop Doggy doge

Snoop Doggy doge

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Posted 08 June 2016 - 05:24 AM

Most of the more recent buzzbee stuff is good for people on a budget. I also highly reccomend the Sentinel, champion, Ultra Tek S n i p e (spaced out so the word isn't filtered) XtremeBlastZooka (XBZ) or any of their mega blasters. These give you some of the best performance and you don't even have to open them up. 

For your list, it is a good variety. You have a springer and flywheel primary,  and some pistols. If you're on a budget however, I reccomend skipping megas, especially if you buy them in store because they're expensive over time and don't provide rhat much of an advantage.
I wouldn't spend all 300 on blasters, I usually like to leave money for mods because those are cool and useful, however bone stock is fine. To save even more money however, I'd try and thrift some blasters or purchase them second hand. I've had no reason to go buy anything new in box since 2014 besides the glorious BuzzBee Sentinel

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#5 DX-Robert


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Posted 08 June 2016 - 12:59 PM


These are my recommendations:

1. Instead of a Rapidstrike, buy 2 Stryfes.  This lets 2 people use flywheels for the same price, and Stryfes are more versatile blasters.

2. Buy 2 Rampages or Retaliators off Ebay or somewhere other than retail.  Again, you could get 2 of those secondhand for the price of 1 at retail.

3. Strongarms are popular, buy several.

4. Skip the Jolts and get Hammershots.  The one-handed priming will allow people to dual wield and they are fun in general.

5. Skip the Magnus.  You only get 3 dart capacity for that $14ish dollar price tag, and the darts are expensive.

6. Skip anything to do with the Modulus.  Complete waste of money for this specific purpose.  Instead, get several Buzz Bee Sentinels.  Those will be the strongest blasters assuming everything is stock, and perhaps the most fun to use given the cowboy style lever action priming.  They are compatible with Nerf brand magazines and drums.

7. Skip the elite darts.  For one, elite darts suck, and two, they are expensive.  Instead, buy darts secondhand off Ebay.  If you have time to wait, get them from China for around $3-4 per 100.  See the NH stock dart buying guide for the differences between darts and their advantages/disadvantages.  If you don't have time to wait, still buy these types of darts, but make sure the seller is domestic.  You'll pay more and they may be used, but you'll still get way more darts and better darts, for way less money, than buying elite packs.  You'll want as many darts as possible, a couple hundred is not going to cut it.  Factor darts into the budget last, after you've purchased the blasters.  Whatever is leftover should go to darts.

8. Doesn't really matter what you get, as long as your sister will like it and have fun.  See what her style is.  That said, probably skip the string-powered bows.

9. Consider going on Ebay again, for extra magazines.  18 rd mags and 12 rd mags are good buys for around $5 each or less.  Try to get them in bulk.  The recommended blasters chew through darts and mags, so you'll want a lot of extras.

With those recommendations, you spend about $200 on about 15 blasters, and then have $100 left for darts and mags.  If you have time to wait for China shipping, you could have 8+ mags and 2,000 darts.

The bottom line: Try not to spend more than $25 on any individual blaster, so you can maximize how many you have while still providing good ones, and buy way more darts than you think you'll need.  Whatever budget is left should go to darts and mags.


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#6 IAmKing



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Posted 08 June 2016 - 05:38 PM

Thanks guys I will take this into consideration and also I am in Hamilton but I don't think I will be able to make it on the 19th as I am fasting and will most likely have people over on Sunday.

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