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Why not stock barrel

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Posted 30 December 2013 - 12:11 PM

Hi all,

I am new sorry if this topic has been covered I looked around and could not find it. I see a lot of people use custom barrels. What is wrong with stock barrels on most of the guns? Other than custom dart foam that might not fit. But if you found foam that fit stock barrel wouldn't that be better option than a custom barrel?

On a tangent: I tried 1/2 backer rod and some of the custom darts are not big enough in diameter for stock barrel. Wondering if 5/8" backer rod might fit stock better? Any insight on this would be nice to.


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#2 Exo



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Posted 30 December 2013 - 12:36 PM

First bit: We use "Custom Barrels" because most people use homemades at wars, and at wars, range is key. You can optimize range with your barrel length. Most people also use homemade darts that fit their barrels well because they can make a lot of darts for less money than if they bought stock darts. We choose to use "Custom Barrels" on most modded blasters as well, because then all our blasters can chamber our custom darts. Or, if we choose to use stock darts, we can make the barrels fit the stock darts better than the stock barrels do.

Second verse: Nope, sorry. 5/8ths is a large change from 1/2. It could be the foam you are using, or it could be your heating method. Some foam that's labeled 1/2" is wider than other foam. Generally, we don't use "Custom Darts" with "Stock Barrels". The barrel changes first for most users.

Slight tangential advice: There are a lot of material you can use for your barrels, but not as many choices for darts. We generally suggest that you obtain several different barrel materials, and whatever foam you can get your hands on, and see what barrel fits your foam. Check with nerfers in your local area to see what foam is the most popular, and what barrel material they usually use for that foam. This way, everyone's playing with the same foam/barrel combination.
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Posted 30 December 2013 - 04:28 PM

Seems like you are just starting out. The first thing you should do is head out to your local hardware store and get a 10' section of CPVC ($4) and a couple CPVC couplers or endcaps (endcaps are sometimes easier to use... drill through the center and you got yourself a deadspace free coupler) ($.4 a piece.) You can get MD or frost king foam at your local home depot for around $4 for 20' which will get you well over 100 1.5" darts even accounting for mishaps or squished foam. Pick up some copperhead bb's (bring an 18+ year old for this) at walmart and hopefully you have hotglue and a hair dryer at home already. You can ignore anyone who talks about springer or airgun fit as you can use CPVC for everything.

The new Elite line probably changed this, but if you have an earlier blaster like a Nite Finder or Maverick you should take a look at the barrels closely. Only the bottom inch or less of the barrel forms a tight fit. That's why your foam is loose. There are also almost always air release holes in the stock barrel. In addition, even if the barrels were uniformly tight, the length is often too short to take advantage of the power... the dart will leave the barrel before the air behind it can propel it to it's "best." What blaster are you talking about in your post?
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