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Rules on Ammunition Types

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Posted 15 April 2013 - 11:51 PM

Hello everyone. I'm relatively new to nerfing and have kinda gone crazy with it in the past few weeks, all because of a random nerf war that happened at a bowling alley I go to all the time. But, this post isn't to bore you with my personal story, so I'll keep that to a minimum.

Well, with me starting to really get into nerfing, I searched my house for the one nerf gun that me and my brother ever owned, a nerf ballzooka mp150. I finally got it up and running and dropped some cash on the ballistic ball ammo (as the ones that came with it have long since been lost), and it got me thinking... How are different ammunition types treated in nerf wars? Of course, the darts are just like bullets in real guns. You shoot someone with it and they get hurt. But, there's also ballistic balls, missiles, arrows, discs, and probably other types that I'm just not thinking of. So, what's the difference between them when the foam starts flying?

I've caught little bits a pieces here and there about how the ballistic ball is just like a dart, meaning you have to hit someone with it to do damage, and I guess that makes a little sense. Though, I kinda hoped that they would be treated differently, like... Maybe grenade launcher rounds? In fact, some ball blasters really resemble grenade launchers. You would just have to establish an effective splash radius and yada yada yada, which makes me think that it may have been a little complicated to try that so everyone just treated it as a regular shot. But, then I wondered how that's fair to people who use different ammo types like, say, the titan? I mean, if you still have to get a direct shot with that huge missile, why not just use something else like a long range pistol? If you take away that, then every titan is a huge single shot pistol that takes a while to pump up. So, why would people use them?

So, long story short, is there any standing rule on different ammo types with different effects? Are there games where a missile does have explosive damage of some sort? Any and all information on the topic would be nice.
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Posted 16 April 2013 - 12:03 AM

This thread doesn't belong in the Nerf Wars forums, as the nerf wars forums is for threads about actually hosting a war.

However I feel obliged to answer your question. The cool thing about nerf is that there are no "official nerf rules." If you host a war you get to makeup the rules. My personal opinion however is that trying to create simulated "splash damage" is silly because the blast radius would be completely subjective and would thus lead to pointless arguements. Yes this makes missiles and balls rather useless, but wars with OBjective rules are much more fun. On a side note, I recommend checking out the modifications, homemades and darts and barrels forums for yourself. Do some research on how we nerf and then attend a local war.
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Posted 16 April 2013 - 10:05 AM

[A] It's different for each area or nerfing group.

[B] Trying to mimic realism or video games is often scorned, so assuming things based on real guns or games won't help you much.

[C] Large ammo types [balls, arrows, missiles, etc] are sometimes counted as "shield breakers", as in, if shields of some kind are allowed, they break them and the person is out.

[D] In some gametypes, players have 3 dart-hits per life, and larger ammo types may be counted as worth more hits than a dart.

[E] Finally, as plenty of older members will tell you, odd ammo is often quite simply used for fun. Throwing a nerf foam battle axe 60 ft and hitting someone is always going to be funnier than shooting them with a dart from any range.

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